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It’s Important to Laugh at Yourself

I shared this message on the Facebook page, @AuraEMartinezCoach, but I will share it here as well since I think it is a very important message to share.

I would first like to share that Monday, March 4th I went to Cancun, Mexico for a personal development and training event because I truly believe that in order for me to be able to offer the best to you, I have to treat myself with the best and be coached and mentored. The day that I arrived, I was so sleepy since I was already jet lagged. On top of that, I woke up very early for that flight so I hardly slept that night.

Going straight to the chase, I was so out of it that day that when I arrived, I thought I left my room key on the bench that’s in front of the restaurant where I ate that day. It wasn’t until the waiter asked me my room number that I realized, looking in my purse, that I didn’t have the key. So the waiter checked the bench, it wasn’t there. She checked inside the menu the key wasn’t there. At that point I was a bit freaked out at the thought that someone else took the key because I was convinced I had left it on the bench. So I asked the waiter to put the food on hold, which I already ordered, and went to the reception desk to change rooms. That’s when I was given another key to activate the new one and deactivate the old one. When I got to the room because I wanted to activate the new key, the old key that I thought I left on the bench was in the bathroom.

Then for dinner, I went out with my business bestie and when it came time to pay, yes I had pesos but my mind just couldn’t do any conversion anything or anything foreign, again, I was so out of it. So for some reason I didn’t see the 500 pesos bills, I thought they were 100 pesos, didn’t see the 5. The waiter thanked me so much and she was so kind to let me know that she couldn’t accept the tip because it was too high of a tip. That’s when I realized that I had given a $100 dollars tip basically. Yeah, I know!

Theeeennnn, when I arrived to my room, I had all my mini liquids in a Ziploc bag and in it was a clear nail polish. So the bag just slipped out of my hand, fell on the floor and the nail polish broke. So there was clear nail polish all over the little bottles inside the Ziploc bag and the french manicure that I had done got all smeared because of the clear nail polish. There goes my french manicure! And to top it off, I went downstairs in the hotel to the spa place to see if they sell clear nail polish. Well, they had every other color EXCEPT the clear nail polish, of course. At this point at the spa I’m trying on colors that may be close to a clear nail polish and I found one and tried to put some on and as I was doing that, the lady at the spa was like “You can’t do that ma’am because that is for the spa”.

Looking back it was such a comical day. I just laughed the whole day at the whole situation because even though I was in that situation, it was still funny. So the message I want to share with you is that it’s important to learn how to laugh at yourself.

It’s important because life is also about you making a fool out of yourself. It’s about hiccups. It’s about things not going perfect. It’s about disappointments. When you expect things to go exactly how you want them to go, things will go south pretty fast because you will feel that life is not meeting your expectations. Instead, choose to believe and remember that life is ALWAYS meeting your expectations no matter what. Choose to forgive yourself for your mistakes or things not going right. Choose to laugh whenever you make a fool out of yourself. Choose to know that it is ok if you don’t know this or that. And if someone says something stupid, laugh. What other people say is NONE of your business. What other people think is NONE of your business.

The faster you can laugh at all the things that go wrong in your life, the better you will feel about things and things rather than go down, they will start going up. Know that you have a choice in your thoughts and beliefs. Just like I mentioned on my social media, what are you choosing to think and feel today? That matters.

Now I have to mention that if you find that it is a challenge to laugh at yourself when things don’t go right, then there is something else going on that you may not be aware. I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial the FREE course, The Path to Your Nirvana™, will be for you in order to uncover what is stopping you from your unique happiness. It will help you uncover blocks that perhaps you are not aware that you have. All you have to do is click on the link, put your name, email address and choose which language you prefer.

So, I would like to encourage you to learn to laugh at yourself when things don’t go right, when you mess up, when you act funny, etc. This will add tremendously to your well-being in ways that you just can’t imagine.

I would like to invite you to take the FREE course I created called The Path to Your Nirvana™, which is a 28 day course with 5 steps meant to help you live your own happiness by understanding first what is getting in the way of you being on your own path of happiness, how to overcome it, learning to understand your actions and focus and getting you to the path that your true essence has in store for you. There is a free bonus course with this course so it’s something for you to take advantage of. All you have to do is click on the link, put your name, email address and select which language you would like the course.

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