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About Aura:


Aura E. Martinez is a Self-Discovery and Empowerment Coach and creator of the Aura Blueprint™, helping women gain total clarity in their purpose so they can wake up to a life of daily fulfillment and certainty. As a person who has traveled the world as a Flight Attendant, the opportunity has helped her learn and see so much and she discovered the most fabulous place for us all to see that is truly the key to greater well-being and she shared that with others worldwide.


She is also the founder of Live to the Max™/Viva al máximo™, author of the book Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Start Having the Life You Deserve and Creating a Lifetime of Wellness Journal: Your Personal Coach to the Different Areas of Your Life. Her book has been seen on Spirituality and Health magazine, Psychology Today and Natural Awakening NYC edition magazine.

Topics Aura Can Discuss:


A Great Starting Point to Creating a Lifetime of Wellness


The Necessity of the Inner Journey


Master Yourself to Master Your Life


Your Frustration IS Your Liberation: Make This Feeling Work for You


Loss the Weight By Losing the Excess Baggage Within


Self-Connection as a Way to Heal Oneself


Why Accepting Every Part of You Leads to Greater Well-Being


Your Emotions Lead the Path


Be All the You That You Can Be


You Are the Key to Your Economy


Allow Your Fear to Be Your Fuel

Aura Has Been Featured On:


Girls Gone Healthy podcast episode 63: Why You’re Letting Excuses Get In the Way & What They’re Costing You


A Splash of Ash podcast episode 28: Living Life with Power: Achieving Fulfillment, Self-Discovery & Awareness

The Brand Ambassador Select podcast: How to Discover Who You Really Are 


I Never Thought I Would…. with Jennifer Lieberman episode 20: I Never Thought I Would… Be a Flight Attendant 


Rendevouz With Rupali: Aura E. Martinez Self-Discovery & Empowerment Coach 


Love Your Enthusiasm podcast episode 21: Master Yourself to Master Your Life 


The Dave Pamah Show podcast: Creating a Lifetime of Wellness


Permission to Heal podcast episode 5: Get Curious to Get Connected & Confident  


The Liberated Latina podcast episode 10: Living Soulfully On Purpose 


Improve Radio podcast: Gaining Control Over Your Entire Life


Empowered Muse podcast episode 74: Your Frustration IS Your Liberation 


A Quest for Well-Being podcast episode 226: Happiness, Well-Being & Meaning


Sustaining Creativity podcast season 1, episode 38: Creativity and Self-Discovery


Your Lot & Parcel podcast: How to Make Your Home into An Oasis


SoundBalming With Darnell LaMarr Shields: Creating a Lifetime of Wellness with Aura E. Martinez

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