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I could share with you my credentials and I will in a few but I don’t think it is more important than my story.

I was always naturally smiley and a positive person, however, at one point of my life, all this was covered by gunk and heaviness. I was secretly frustrated, miserable, wanting more but not knowing what that more was, lost and I constantly went outside of myself for the things that I longed for.

For too long I wasted money on things, trying to fill a void that I had. I wasted energy, mental and emotional space on relationships that were not worth my time or energy. I listened to so many wrong advices that just confused the crap out of me, making me feel I was not where I was  supposed to be, that I had to hurry up before I “get too old” to do the things I wanted to do.

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All this placed me in a constant state of anxiety, not to mention that I gained so much weight and managed to lose it all and then some, only to gain some of it back.

Something deep inside me told me life can not be this way. And I wondered if there was one thing that I can do that can change every area of my life for good. And there is!

It wasn’t until I decided to go within and dig deep, started to uncover the things that were covering my own treasures and beauty, started to fully understand myself, connect with myself and build myself up that things started to truly change.

As my respect for myself started to increase, so did the respect that others have for me increase. As my self-love increased, so did the love that others have for me increased. As I started to learn how to read my own inner map, I got closer and closer to the happiness I was always seeking. As I started to understand myself, my self-confidence grew to levels that I didn’t think possible.

The irony when it comes to coaching is that some of the clients coming to me because they wanted to lose weight, came to me not so much because they wanted to change their diet and lose weight, but because there was something more than just food going on and this confirmed exactly what I had suspected needed to change in order to change our life for good and that is our relationship with ourselves by discovering ourselves powerfully.

All this, I realized, is what forms the basis to greater well-being and now I want you to experience the same for yourself.

This is a why as a Self-Discovery and Empowerment Coach, I’ve transitioned to helping others discover themselves more powerfully so that they can attract everything they want and finally

start living life to the max. The more you know, connect and understand yourself, the more personal fulfillment you will have on your quest to greater well-being.

This is the key to transforming every area of your life. You can change every area of your life literally simultaneously by discovering yourself powerfully.

This is because YOU are the common denominator in everything in your life. The key to greater well-being is not just improving one area of your life- it is having balance in every area of your life and that is achieved with having a strong, solid relationship with yourself where you know who you are.

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This is what helps you live a life you love and helps you live life to the max.

As per my credentials, I have a BA in Forensic Psychology with a minor in Speech and Theatre. I am Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I am certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultation and in Holistic Nutrition through the American Fitness Professional Associates.

Despite my background and credentials in nutrition, I use what I learn in regards to wellness and psychology to help others with what is truly my passion which is improving their relationship with themselves by discovering themselves powerfully because THAT is the key to greater well-being in every area.

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Aura E. Martinez


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