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by Aura

Give Yourself a Hug From a Mug

Fill yourself every morning, day or night

with positive affirmations.


You are the inspiration for these mugs. How you speak to yourself matters so much. You matter so much! It's time to value yourself, to fill your mind and heart with truths and that's the intention with these mugs.

So many of us are unaware of the way we are feeding ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This lack of attention leads to a life that is far less than what we deserve. In Creating a Lifetime of Wellness, author Aura E. Martinez helps you gain the awareness you need to increase your well-being every day, starting now.

A Self-Discovery and Empowerment Coach, Martinez covers different areas of your life that impact your well-being. She includes discussions on everything from body and soul, to finances, sleep, work, friendships, and more. Creating a Lifetime of Wellness motivates you to look at your life as a whole and then tear the picture into sections so you can assess each area and make improvements, changes, and adjustments as needed.

Martinez shows that well-being and happiness are within your reach. It’s all about motivating you to create a lifetime of wellness by working on your goals each day and doing what you must do to claim your life and live it to the max.  Read Reviews

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Creating a Lifetime of Wellness:

Start Having the Life You Deserve

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Shake it Up! with Aura |E-Book

Those who know me since I first started remembers that as a Wellness Coach, I first started off offering the Sugar Busters Program and with that program, as part of losing weight and getting rid of the sugar rollercoaster, my favorite shakes were offered.


One of the biggest challenges that people had was how to make their shake taste good. Because of this, I created this e-book entitled Shake It Up! with Aura with over a month’s worth of shake recipes with three different protein bases: plant, soy and whey.


So, whether you use just plant base or whey base or soy base for shakes, you will find recipes for all three kinds of protein base. Just swap the brand of the protein shake I use for your favorite brand and modify the recipe to your liking.


The recipes in this e-book will have you enjoying your shake.

Download Your Copy Today for $9.95!


Creating a Lifetime of Wellness Journal 

Your Personal Coach to the Different Areas of Your Life

Just imagine, having your own coach, coaching you through the different areas of you and your life that perhaps for YEARS you have taken for granted or didn’t even think were affecting your well-being.

I get it, investing in a coach can be a bit pricey for some at the moment and working on all the areas that are covered in the book Creating a Lifetime of Wellness can take one perhaps a whole YEAR, if not more, to work on with a coach.

Even though nothing can replace the amount of growth and transformation that you can
experience when working one-on-one with a coach, this journal will help you jumpstart that
transformation that you seek in those areas of your life that you want to change.

In this journal, you will go over how to create the oasis you need, learn what your needs are, learn what you can do to improve your sleep and what is getting in the way of a good night sleep, learn what your relationship with your body and food is and how to improve it, and much more! And the great part is that you will receive your answers from your best guidance which is you!


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