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Be Thankful for Hurtful Situations

Still today my most popular blog post is “Why Do Good People Get the Short End of the Stick?” and this only indicates to me that there are many who are hurt. We are conditioned to numb hurtful situations either through drugs, medications or any other addiction. The truth is that for as long as you ignore the root cause of the hurt, the wound will be there. If for so long you have been putting a band-aid on a big wound, this blog post may be for you. If you constantly find yourself recreating the same situation over and over again, this blog post may be for you. It is precisely for these reasons that you must be thankful for hurtful situations.

I would like to make something clear. I am not implying to allow hurtful situations. I am not implying that you be always happy for the hurtful situations. However, when you can learn to see the value in whatever hurtful situation you are placed, you allow yourself to become a better person because of it and that’s when you will be able to be thankful for the hurtful situations.

Unfortunately we learn more from the painful situations than we do from the good experiences. As a friend of mine, Kay, always reminds me, it’s important to see the lesson. The reason why it is important to be thankful for hurtful situations is because there are lessons to learn. One of the biggest lessons being that most likely there are issues within you that are still unresolved.

It is important to realize not just with our mind but with our heart as well that we are all meant for abundance, healthy relationships, genuine love and all that our heart desires but unless we are willing to do the inner work that it takes, we will continue recreating the same experiences over and over again.

It is a must to recognize patterns in your life. These patterns are gifts from the universe so that we can know that there are things that we need to work on. Once again, unless we are willing to do the work that it takes, we will continue experiencing the same patterns over and over again.

Most of the time we allow hurtful situations to question our self-worth when what we need to question is not our value but our own self-esteem. Remember, the situations and relationships that we allow in our life are in direct proportion to the way we view and feel about ourselves. In other words, we allow things that fit how we feel and view ourselves, as hard as that may be to believe. This took me a long time to fully understand. It is a must to remember that things can only have an effect on us if we allow it. Other people’s reactions and perceptions of us are not our problem, it is a reflection of who they are. However, the moment you allow their reaction to become your problem, that is a reflection of how you see yourself.

One of the hardest things to realize is that the things that happen in our life many times are our own mirror. For your well-being, no matter how hard the inner work may be, it is a must to assess your own role in attracting the kinds of situations and people that you attract and assess how you see and view yourself. This is just one of the many things that hurtful situations can provide to us- the opportunity for greater growth. Don’t deny yourself of the opportunity of greater growth just because the pain seems so much to handle.

I love the story of how pearls are made because, believe it or not, pearls come from something that irritated the oyster. The oyster must remain open if it is to live but in the process, it is vulnerable to things that may hurt it or irritate it like a grain of sand. In order for the oyster not to allow that grain of sand to irritate it, it covers it with layers of nacre, which then forms the pearl. That’s exactly what can happen in our life- we can create pearls from the very things that hurt us.

I would like to encourage you in today’s post to make pearls out of your hurtful situations. Don’t let it make you bitter, resentful nor hateful. All these emotions are just poison for you. You are worth much more than that! What others do, let it be a lesson for you. Make it into a pearl and learn to be grateful for that hurtful situation.

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