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Are You Feeding the Negative Emotion?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

This is an extremely important topic because many times we overlook how we are feeding the emotions we are feeling. So, if you or anyone you know is constantly feeling the blues, feeling overwhelmed or feeling empty, this post will be of value for you.

If you are constantly feeling any “negative” emotion, have you considered the fact that perhaps you are unknowingly feeding that “negative” emotion? The reason why I write the word negative in quotation marks is because I don’t think any emotion is negative. However, they can turn negative when we don’t learn and understand that emotion that we are feeling.

Any emotion that you are feeling is just feedback from your soul. It is your job to sit with it for a bit and understand it. Just like you would sit with your child and listen to him/her when he/she is feeling a certain way, it’s important that you do the same with yourself. This is a form of self-love and self-care. It is when we don’t do this that we start to neglect ourselves. When we neglect ourselves, those emotions that one would consider negative then turns negative,  which eventually then starts eating us up, affecting other areas of our life.

Our actions, apart from our thinking, also affect our emotions. So if you constantly find yourself feeling down, worried, anxious, etc., you have to consider the actions that you are taking. Are you feeding that emotion that you are feeling? If so, why?

You may wonder “how am I feeding this emotion if I don’t want to feel this way?!” Well, good question! We don’t intentionally do this but sometimes we do. The way you may be constantly feeding that emotion is if, say for example, you are feeling depressed and so you feel like not doing anything. The very act of not doing anything, just sitting there and not going out, not getting yourself dressed, is feeding that emotion. If you feel fear of doing something that you know would be very helpful for you and would move you forward, you giving into that fear is feeding that emotion.

I know it is easier said that done but it is necessary to be conscious of the actions you take and not feed that emotion. If you feel very down and you feel like not doing anything, do the opposite of what you are feeling. Do something because this will break what you are feeling. The more you keep feeding that emotion, the worse you will feel. This is when it becomes a cycle that seems difficult to break.

For your well-being, it is a must to be conscious of your actions and feelings. It is a must to break any emotion that can become negative for you. You break it by not feeding that emotion. You stop feeding it by doing the opposite of what you are feeling.

With today’s post, I would like to encourage you that if you are feeling the blues on a consistent basis, if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, etc., look into your actions and don’t feed that emotion. As you do this, I promise you that you will start to feel better with time.

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