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What Is Your Hidden Disease?

Sometimes what we have to be careful with is not with what we know but what we don’t know. Why? Because it’s what we don’t know what can hurt us the most. It’s said that knowledge is power and it is true. But it’s not just knowledge that provides us with power, awareness is also power in its own way.

How is awareness power? Awareness is equivalent to a light being shined on something. When you shine the light on something, it’s no longer in the dark. It’s no longer something you don’t know. It’s no longer something that can sabotage you. It’s no longer something that can creep up on you.

Many times the reason why we don’t have the life how we quite want it- we attract things we don’t want, have relationships that are below satisfying, don’t find ourselves quite where we want to be or even sabotage good things that come our way- is because there are things that are not in our awareness that are messing us up.

It is for this reason that I ask you what is your hidden disease. Is it low self-esteem that you may not be aware of? Is it a past experience that has traumatized you in some way? Is it a limiting belief? Is it some kind of emotion that has become toxic? There are many things that can actually block us tremendously without our awareness.

All these things I just mentioned above are just some of the many hidden diseases that may be hidden without us knowing. They are hidden diseases because they spread, contaminating our whole life, paralyzing us and preventing us from enjoying greater well-being.

Many times we don’t know about these hidden diseases until it is so obvious that something is seriously wrong. Just like when we physically don’t know that the body is ill until we see symptoms that we just can’t ignore. These hidden diseases are always giving us signs but many times we tend to ignore them. If you want greater well-being, it is important that you don’t ignore these signs.

Don’t let hidden diseases get the best of you. Know that you are the one in control at all times of yourself and your life. Yes, there are certain things you don’t have control but those things are external things like the weather, other people’s actions and choices, etc. But when it comes to your inner self, you are the one in control.

You are more than welcome to share with me in the comments below what are your hidden diseases and what are you going to do to overcome them. Remember and I will repeat this again, when it comes to your inner self, you are the one in control.

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