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Give Your Past More Value

“Give your past more value?”, you may be wondering. We have always been taught to leave the past behind and indeed we need to leave the past behind but we should leave it behind AFTER we have given the past it’s value. It is this that I would like to discuss in today’s blog post.

The way to give your past more value is by extracting all the lessons you have to learn from the experience and believe me, there is more than one lesson from that experience. This is not to be confused with living in the past. This is NOT about living in the past. It is not healthy nor will it allow you to move forward if you live in the past. The past should be lessons for you. Lessons for you to be a better person. Lessons for you to mature into the person that you were designed to be. Lessons for you to know where to focus your point of attraction. Lessons for you to know what areas of you need to change. Lessons for you to see where you can growth.

The more lessons you try to extract from your past experience, the more value that past will have. Try to see what is the contrast that you had to experience and why. For instance, if you came from a bad marriage, what did you learn from that marriage? What did that partner teach you? What lacked in that marriage? Now take all this and think of the opposite. What kind of marriage do you want? What qualities would you like your next partner to have? What would you like to feel in this next marriage? I’m just using marriage as an example.

When you do your best to extract all the lessons from your past, you don’t allow it to make you a damaged goods. When you do, this is when you allow the past to determine your future and that is not the purpose of your experiences. Think of your experiences as pieces of a puzzle- they help piece out the puzzle of your life and all those pieces which are experiences just add to the bigger picture of your life.

By extracting all the lessons from the past, you are empowering yourself. You are in the driver’s seat of your experiences. You learn to master your mind, emotions and your life. The reason why I write that you learn to master your mind, emotions and your life is because it can be easy to let the past mess us up even more, be critical of ourselves and trip again if we don’t do our part to just accept the things that happen and learn all that we can from the past. Also, history tends to repeat itself so if you want to avoid repeating the same experiences, give your past more value. This will add tremendously to your well-being.

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