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Are You Connected With Yourself?

Last year was challenging and scary for me because I got to experience something I had never experienced before. It all started with lightheadedness that lasted for days. Then after days of feeling this way, on my father’s second year since his passing, I experienced what seemed like a panic attack.

A frightened emotion swept me and shook me to the core. I felt it all in my chest. What I had experienced led me to feeling lightheaded again the next day. I had to go to the doctor for the second time. The irony of it all is that everything physically is fine. But I knew I wasn’t fine.

Days passed and I felt sadness. All this led me to think something was seriously wrong. A friend of mine told me that he thinks this is psychosomatic. I thought he may just be right. Then I realized something that I just need to share.

I came to the realization that NO ONE is immune to feeling sad or anxious, even the strongest person can fall prey to this. Then in the wake of Kate Spade’s news of her passing and what some say that she had suffered from depression and anxiety I came to a conclusion. I am pretty sure that depression, anxiety, any of the strong, negative emotions, that then one experiences physically, is a disconnection from the self and the divine.

In this blog post, I want to encourage and remind you that you are STRONGER than you think you are! You are SMARTER than you think you are! You are LOVED more than you can possibly imagine! You are FORTUNATE! You are HEALTHY! You are WHOLE!

It is the belief that you are none of these things that can lead to physical manifestations and illnesses. It is the belief that you are not enough, your daily habits, the people that you surround yourself by, the thoughts and feelings you have, your perception of your experiences, you not feeling ALL of your emotions, including grief, all this can lead to ailments.

The one relationship that must be solid in order for you to be healthy mentally, emotionally and physically is the one with yourself. Always make sure to be connected with yourself. How do you do that? You do that by being aware of how you feel. Be aware of what you feel drawn to do or see. Be aware of how things make you feel. Be aware of what your soul asks you to do. Then honor your soul. Whatever makes you feel down, know that you feel that way for a reason and that reason is that whatever it is that makes you feel that way is not a match to who you really are.

Anything that you feel do not ignore. Don’t make objects more important than your health. Do things every single day that makes you happy. Honor your soul by making it happy. You go first because unless you make yourself happy, you can’t make anyone else happy. You are constantly receiving guidance; don’t ignore it. Learn to trust it. It is the trusting that will lead you to a great life.

Connect yourself to your body. Pay attention to the way it feels. You are a soul living a human experience. Your body is the vessel that your soul chose to reside in. Your body is sending you feedback from your soul as well. Pay attention to that. Honor it. Once again, learn to trust the message your body is giving you.

I hope this post encourages you to start trusting yourself and to connect to yourself every single day. Remember that you are NOT the labels that society may place on you. Choose your own labels. Your labels should be “I am HEALTHY”, “I am LOVE”, “I am SMART”, “I am ENOUGH”, “I am GUIDED”. You are always guided. Believe that. Know that you are never alone. These are the labels that will add great well-being to your life and help you connect with yourself.

I would like to invite you to take the FREE course I created called The Path to Your Nirvana™, which is a 28 day course with 5 steps meant to help you live your own happiness by understanding first what is getting in the way of you being on your own path of happiness, how to overcome it, learning to understand your actions and focus and getting you to the path that your true essence has in store for you. There is a free bonus course with this course so it’s something for you to take advantage of. All you have to do is click on the link, put your name, email address and select which language you would like the course.

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