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What’s In Your Toolbox?

Most of us at home have a toolbox filled with tools that we need when something around the house needs a fixing. There are obvious things that we need to have like a screwdriver, a hammer, some nails, etc. and these are just the essentials. Then there are other things that depending on your house needs you may have that perhaps are not so important but you still have them anyways. Besides this toolbox, there is another toolbox that is so essential to your everyday life that many of us neglect and that is a toolbox that no one should be without because it is the kind that is armed with essentials for dealing with everyday life and that is what I would like to call your Wellness Toolbox.

Ok, that name I just made up but if you think about it, just like there will be things around the house that will need some fixing and things get loose sometimes, you too will need some repairs from the wear and tear of everyday life. This is a toolbox that you may access everyday or perhaps some days but it is essential that you start thinking now about your Wellness Toolbox.

So what does this Wellness Toolbox consist of? It will consist of what you will do or use when you are stressed, foods in the fridge already prepared or in your pantry that you can eat when you feel your body may feel down, rituals that you do on a daily basis to guarantee your inner balance and healthy relationships with great people who love you and understand you.

Stress is not meant to be eliminated from your life. Because of this, it is important to learn to manage stress. If you haven’t done this already, think of things that calm you and make you feel good. It can be anything from yoga to meditation. Anything that relaxes you is what is important. The reason why you want to know ahead of time what these things that relax are is because in time of need you want to have access to these tools.

During this flu and cold season, I make sure to have my soup already prepared. I make a soup that I consider and call my penicillin because it has ingredients that just boost the immune system. I have my healthy snacks ready and handy and I have my multivitamins with me that I take daily to ensure that I take care of my body on a cellular level. Have foods already handy that you know your body needs and keep the foods that don’t provide any nutrition out of your fridge and pantry. Like the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind” so if you stack up on healthy foods, you won’t have any option but to eat healthy foods.

Have rituals that you do on a daily basis to guarantee your inner balance. Why? Because you are a total of what you do on a daily basis. Everything that you do adds up. Make sure that you are incorporating some physical activity. Make sure that you have healthy mental habits. Make sure you take high quality supplements. Make sure you are eating right. There are many other rituals you can incorporate but because I don’t want to make this post too long, I just mention a few.

Last but not least, cultivate healthy relationships with great people who love you and understand you. Why should this be in your Wellness Toolbox? Because your social life is part of your well-being. The people who you surround yourself by play a big role in your overall life and well-being. Being around positive, loving people just adds health into your life. We are social beings and we need to surround ourselves with other people for our mental and emotional well-being, however, make sure they are the right people for you because the wrong people can just be disastrous to your life.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to create your Wellness Toolbox now. Just like you have a physical toolbox in case something needs a fixing around the house, there are times when our body may need some “fixing”. Just like your physical house needs maintenance, your body needs maintenance as well and you provide it by having a Wellness Toolbox that you can access when you need it.

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