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The Art of Detachment and Its Value To Your Well-Being

Detachment, I think it’s a word worth exploring and writing about when it comes to your well-being. This may seem the opposite of what you need in life since part of what gives life meaning is the connections and attachments that we have to certain things but whether you recognize this or not, there is a certain level of detachment that we must have for things and people if we are to be mentally and emotionally sane and this is what this post will be about.

The art of detachment is a very important one for your well-being because by detaching yourself from things and people, you are relying upon yourself for your own happiness and to create the life you want. By no means do I mean that you will not create bonds with others or that you will isolate yourself from others or that you will not have any form of feelings towards things or others, not at all! We all need to feel a certain level of attachment and connection to things and people since we are all social beings. However, with this said, the kind of true attachment that you must have is the one with yourself. If you can master having a strong attachment with yourself, you will develop a healthy bond and attachment to others without it compromising your well-being. When you can master this attachment, then the kind of detachment that I am referring to will be easy for you.

The kind of detachment that I am referring to is the kind where despite the fact that you may care about something or someone, you are able to separate your identity from that object or person. It is the kind of detachment where your happiness is not dependent upon what that person does or doesn’t do nor what happens or doesn’t happen. It is not dependent upon whether or not that person or thing exists in your life. The kind of detachment that I am referring to is the kind where your attachment to that object or person is not as strong as the one that you have for yourself.

Why is this kind of detachment important to your well-being? Because it is very dangerous to rely upon a circumstance or person for your happiness. It is dangerous to wait till someone does something or till something happens in order to be happy. By doing so, you are putting your life on hold, you become a burden to others rather than a blessing, you stop yourself from being your full self and you are not able to serve yourself nor others.

Detachment doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it is indeed a necessity to your well-being. What doesn’t serve you is to be completely detached to the point where you have no real feelings towards things or other people. What doesn’t serve you is to have superficial relationships just so you won’t be hurt. No, this is NOT life nor does it help create that great well-being that you need. It is important to create healthy bonds with others but that bond doesn’t have to be what your happiness is based upon. Yes, you need to have healthy attachment to things but it does not have to be THE thing that gives you all your happiness. This is where that art of detachment comes into play. The one attachment that should be so strong no matter what happens in your life is that attachment towards yourself. This is where your true happiness lies.

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