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Two Ingredients That Can’t Be Missing When It Comes to Your Well-being

Well-being is comprised of many different things that all add up to our balance and happiness in life. Just like in a cake there are certain ingredients that can NOT be missing because otherwise the cake won’t be a cake, there are two ingredients that can NOT be missing if you are to have true happiness and balance in life and they are courage and self-love.

You can not be without courage when it comes to well-being because great things in life requires courage. No matter what it is that you may want in life- have your own home, be married, have kids, move to another state, lose weight, have your own business- all this requires courage. It requires courage because fear may kick, because self-doubt will creep in, because your old habits will want to kick in and you will want to stay in your old ways. The problem with staying with your old ways is that your old ways won’t lead to happiness if you are unhappy where you are. This will just make you more unhappy, fueling the sense of being stuck and of frustration. Lack of courage leads you to live a life that you don’t want. It allows fear and self-doubt to dominate your life. It conditions your mind to thinking that what you want isn’t possible and this paralyzes you. When you are mentally paralyzed because of lack of courage, you prevent your own growth and growth is essential to your well-being.

Self-love is another ingredient that can not be missing because it is this kind of love that will determine everything in your life. It is self-love that will not allow someone to disrespect you or mistreat you because you know you deserve better. It is self-love that will help you attract loving people in your life because that is what you will be expecting from others. Self-love is what allows you to do loving things to yourself. Self-love is what allows you to place yourself in situations that are uplifting to you. Self-love is truly the basis for everything. When you don’t love yourself, you do the opposite of all that I just wrote. You allow mistreatment from others because you feel either that is all that you deserve or that is all you can get. Because of lack of self-love, you lower your standards just to be accepted and loved by others. Lack of self-love leads to you entering in relationships that compromise your well-being. So as you can read, self-love is an ingredient that can not be missing when it comes to your well-being.

If one is lacking in either courage or self-love or in both, the best thing to do is to exercise these muscles. You need to exercise your courage and self-love muscles one day at a time and be patient with yourself because just as the muscles in the body takes time to tone up and get in shape, so will your courage and self-love muscles will take time to build. If you need to take baby steps then start with something small but that still challenges you so that you can exercise that courage muscle. Start by doing something loving just for yourself so that you can start exercising that self-love muscle. Take it a day at a time and slowly but surely these two muscles will build and be strong. It is here that you start laying the foundation to your well-being.

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