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The Power and Greatness of “No”

Saying “no” to the things that you don’t like, don’t want to do, things that don’t resonate with you, things you don’t agree with is very important. So many times we get wrapped up on what others may say or think that we neglect ourselves and what we feel. It is crucial to your well-being and self-esteem that you are true to yourself and being true to yourself will sometimes mean that you will say “no” to things and people.

When you, out of fear of what others may say or think of you, you don’t say “no” to things you don’t want to do, you will feel as if you are compromising yourself. That’s because you ARE compromising yourself. I don’t know about you but when I compromise what I feel and think, I don’t feel good about myself at night. The person that you wake up to and go to sleep with is with yourself. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to do things that makes YOU feel good about who you are, regardless what other people may say or think, just as long as you are not hurting yourself nor others.

The way to exercise the power of “no” is by knowing your limits, your boundaries, your likes and dislikes, knowing what you are not willing to tolerate. Basically, it takes knowing yourself in order for you to use this power to your advantage.

There will be times when exercising this power will mean that others may not understand you, may not like you, may treat you differently and that’s ok. The first and main person who needs to feel good with who you are, how you feel and think is you.

For your well-being, it is important that you say “no” to the things that compromise with who you are. The only way to truly living a fulfilling life is by you being true to who you are and this does mean that there will be times where you will need to exercise this power.

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