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One of Your Best Assets Is Having And Cultivating Patience

We live in a society that unfortunately feeds us the idea of having everything fast and easy, comfortable and with not much work, where everything needs to be now. And what has this done to us? This has made us into people who feel that we need everything NOW. We have lost patience for things and when things are not as fast as they “need” to be, we just give up and move on to the next thing hoping it will be quick enough. One of the best assets you can have that will benefit tremendously your mental, emotional and physical well-being is having and practicing patience.

I don’t know about you but when I start to lose patience, I can feel how my body starts to change.  I start to feel hot and I sweat a bit, I feel irritable, I can feel my body getting tense and I can’t think straight. It takes me a while to go from that state to a calm, peaceful state. If you ask me, I think it’s not worth it to feel that way.

When you practice patience, you come from a different place. When you have patience, your composure is different, your mind is clear and you are not coming from a “reacting” place. When you lose patience, you react and that reacting is not a very good one. When you are impatient, you react by giving up or getting loud or getting angry and this takes you nowhere. Plus, your energy changes and you reflect who you are and how you feel whether you realize it or not.

Anything great or worthy in life requires patience. Whether it be a relationship that you are in or a business you are trying to build or even waiting in line to be served. Even though we live in this society that wants to feed us this idea of having things fast and the easy way, in reality, the fast and easy things come with a very costly price. One perfect example of this is those who are very impatient to lose weight and rather than losing weight the healthy way, the way we were designed to lose weight, they decide to do surgery instead, for example. Unfortunately for some, the price of doing this has been costly. There have been people who either got an infection as a result of the surgery or even died. Now, to each their own and I respect anyone who decides to do cosmetic surgery because to me that takes courage but when you resort to this because you are impatient to lose the weight, you miss out on all the wealth of knowledge you can be gaining by losing weight the natural way. If you are trying to build a business and become impatient, you can miss out on so much that you can be gaining in the process of trying to make it big in your business. There is a saying that I learned back when I was in high school and I never forgot it and it was “It’s not the getting there, it’s the getting there” and this I believe applies to everything in life. It’s not just the getting to the destination that’s important, which in business is making a lot of money for many, it’s also all that you learn along the way that matters just as much or more!

There are many ways that we can practice patience and I think a number one fact is our mind. Your mindset plays a big role in everything you do. Start by realizing that great things take time. Great things don’t come so quickly and that’s ok. That gives you time to sink in all the things that are happening and you give yourself the chance to learn along the way. If what makes you impatient is waiting in line, my suggestions are two things. One, allow enough time in between the waiting in line and the next activity that you have to do. This way you don’t feel the pressure that you are waiting too much on line to be served because you have another place to go to. Also, if just the fact of waiting on line is just too much for you, believe it or not, that time that you are waiting in line can still be a productive time. I love to read and so I am always carrying a book with me. Perhaps that’s a time that you can take to read something you have been meaning to read, for example. There are many more ways that you can practice patience, it’s a matter of being creative.

There are many assets that we can have that would add more well-being into our life and one of the top ones is patience. It is my desire for you to live a life that is great and healthy and one way to achieve that is by striving to have that balance in all areas of your life. Patience is one of those assets that many neglect but so essential to our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Life can sometimes be very difficult and that’s when practicing patience will be very handy for your mental and emotional sanity.

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