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Know Your Values

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

These past few years have been nothing but growth for me. This growth, though, came with so much disappointment and hurt but the lessons are so valuable that I can’t put a price to this. One of the things that I learned was the importance of truly knowing what your values are.

The reason why you want to know what your values are is because if you want to attract the kind of people that you need, the friendships that will truly nurture your soul, the loving man or woman that you want, etc. it’s important to know what you value. For instance, I realized these past two years that I truly value people who don’t consistently speak awful about others whether that be their family, friends, etc. Why? Because to me this shows me what the person is capable of saying even about me and it tells me what is in their heart.

When you know what you truly value, you will attract and let in those things and people that align with what you value. But unless you get a good understanding of who you are and what matters most to you, you can’t position yourself to allow only the things, people and situations that you truly want.

So, how do you know what your values are? Well, this comes with self-analysis. It comes with the willingness to go deep within you to understand what truly matters most to you. It takes a willingness to want to take the time for you to know who you are. And it takes a willingness to grow. Know that as you get older, your values may slightly change due to the experiences you have. Every encounter you have, every relationship, every circumstance will shape you in some way.

If you allow the growth, you allow the lessons that you are meant to learn. You will allow yourself to be a little better than yesterday. You will allow yourself more wisdom. It is through this growth that you will learn more about your own values.

When you know your values, you won’t waste your time on relationships that will just have you spiraling down. You don’t allow circumstances that don’t add to you. You are more willing to let go of the things that are not working for you no matter how good those things may look on the surface.

The values that I am referring to in today’s post are the ones that are truly aligned with your true essence. Know that there are times when we may have values that conflict with one another, which is something that I mention because of personal experience. I will get into conflicting values on another post. For now, it’s important that you become aware of the values that you know that will add to your life greatly. This is why in my coaching program, I coach people on knowing their deep down important values because this is part of mastering yourself to greater well-being.

So, if you find yourself in constant opposition to what you want in life, missing the mark or just not getting what you want, then you have to look into your values. This will help indicate to you the direction you need to be heading in life. I would like to invite you in today’s post to take a look at your values if you see anything that isn’t the way you want it to be.

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