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Is It Possible to Still Be Unhappy Although One Has Everything to Be Happy?

What makes me write this post is the fact that still my most read post is the one about why good people get the short end of the stick which if you read it,  you will learn that it’s not that good people get the short end of the stick, it’s their view of the situation that makes them feel that way.

So to answer this question, is it possible to still be unhappy although one has everything to be happy and the answer is “yes” and I will state why. This is because there is something that is specific to you that makes you feel empty. I think there can be many reasons as to why someone can feel unhappy despite all they have. Some may even argue that one doesn’t have any right to be unhappy if they have everything. I beg to differ and this is because everyone’s emotions are to be respected and it is that person’s responsibility to evaluate what they are feeling so that they can understand what their soul is trying to say to them.

When feeling unhappy despite having “everything”, I would like to encourage you to do your best to understand what your soul is trying to tell you. That emotion is not coming out of nowhere and that is not something for you to ignore. Ask yourself, “what would make me happy right now?” “What do I feel is missing in my life?” Do your best to get to the understanding of where this emotion is coming from.

It is not everything nor having everything material wise that makes us happy. Those things can make us happy to a certain degree. They can satisfy a certain dream or goal we have but they are not what ultimately make us happy.

One thing I must mention in this blog post is this- please be aware that holding on to a dream that includes someone else or something else can make us very unhappy. It can make us stuck, angry, resentful and all those negative things that none of us have any business feeling. Also, holding on to things that have ended can also make us terribly unhappy.

Pay attention to what it is that you are focusing on, the people that you are surrounding yourself with, your thoughts, etc. since there are many things that can cloud us from seeing all the goodness in our life. Everything matters when it comes to happiness. What are the relationships that you allow in your life? How do you feel about where you are in life? What are the things that you feel are lacking in your life?

These are just questions to get you thinking if you find yourself right now feeling unhappy despite having so much to be happy. With this post, the purpose is to bring to light the things that bring you down, bring to your consciousness what it is that is not right that you can change.

So with this blog post, I would like to encourage you to start thinking about the things that bring you down despite all that you have to be happy and start thinking what you will do to change that. The feelings you have are not for no reason. There is a purpose to what you are feeling, it’s just a matter of understanding your emotions so you can make the changes necessary for your life.

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