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Don’t Bottle In Your Emotions Nor What You Are Thinking When Feeling Low

Feeling and showing vulnerability is something that perhaps many don’t feel comfortable with and perhaps many may feel like this is a weakness. Well, I think if one thinks this is a weakness, then it is implying that being human is being weak because as human beings we all have and will have moments of vulnerability. It is only natural. When feeling vulnerable, it is very important not to bottle in your emotions nor what you are thinking when feeling on the low side.

Bottling your emotions, rather than showing strength, can weaken you. How so? I don’t know about you but it feels like too much effort to keep all to myself what I am feeling when feeling low. As human beings, it is only natural to have your ups and downs. Even though I think part of living life to the fullest is choosing happiness, (because happiness is a choice), I think part of that happiness and well-being is embracing all emotions, even the not so good ones. I have said it before and I will say it again, emotions can be an indicator of what is going on inside you. It is a way to measure how your soul feels. Sharing with someone that you know you can trust and who is not judgmental of what you feel can be so liberating and healthy. Make sure, though, that it is someone that you know you can trust because I am one to believe that if you tell the wrong person, you can actually feel worse and that’s no good. So make sure it is someone who will truly understand you and be uplifting.

I think that bottling your emotions and any negative thoughts is like a volcano with lava bubbling up waiting to erupt. You are what you think and feel and there is only so much that you can bottle up when feeling sad or angry. It is important to release, in a healthy way, what you are feeling and share your thoughts with someone you know loves you and cares about you. Someone that truly loves you, when knowing you have some negative thoughts in your mind, would knock some sense into you.

I believe showing vulnerability is a sign of strength because it takes courage to expose yourself. With this said, there is no shame in feeling a bit in the low side, just don’t remain there for your well-being. Share with someone you love what is going on. If you need professional help, then get the help you need, and try to understand what it is that is causing you to feel this way. For your well-being it is crucial that you don’t keep your emotions bottled in if you feel they are eating you up inside. It is important for every other area of your life that you have a mental and emotional balance in life and you do this by keeping these areas of your life in check.

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