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Bad Health Comes In Different Forms

What prompts me to write today’s post is a question that has been on my mind for the longest time and it is “what does it mean to be truly healthy?” Is a person with a physical ailment no longer healthy because of that ailment? Is being healthy an impossible thing to reach? What does truly being healthy consist of? Well, I have my own definition of being healthy which some may not agree with since I believe that bad health comes in different forms.

If you are someone who has no physical ailment but emotionally you are a wreck, I’m sorry to say that you are not healthy. Why? Because bad health indeed comes in different forms. Being healthy is NOT about not having any physical ailment. I believe that those who have any physical ailment but that know how to manage it can still be healthy. In today’s world, it can be challenging to be healthy because there are several things that challenges us such as stress, what we eat and even when we do eat healthy, the way our food is handled doesn’t allow us to be healthy, our lifestyle, etc. My belief is that the absence of illness is not what being healthy is all about. It is the overall lifestyle what makes you healthy.

Do you mentally have huge blocks that makes your life a complete mess? I’m sorry to say that you are NOT healthy. Your mindset is huge and if you mentally are not fit, your whole life will reflect that. It’s time that we stop labelling those with any physical impediment or those with physical ailments as unhealthy because being mentally a wreck is the worst kind of impediment.

Do you have relationships in your life that are unhealthy for you? I’m sorry to say but that TOO is a form of being unhealthy. Relationships are meant to help you grow, to feel a sense of connection, to feel loved and cared for. It is not meant for you to be put down, to deplete from you, to get you in worse shape that you were before. When you are in an unhealthy relationship, you seriously have to question yourself and wonder what is your self-concept and self-esteem. Ask yourself why are you allowing this person into your life. Ask yourself what are you getting from this person. You will come to the conclusion that there are unhealthy dynamics and that you have an unhealthy relationship with yourself.

Indeed bad health comes in different forms and there are different ways to be unhealthy. Before one labels someone who has a physical ailment as unhealthy, it’s important to start analyzing the overall state of the person. It is also time to redefine what being healthy means. Being healthy is NOT about not having any physical ailment, rather it is about the overall state of the person. I believe that one can still be healthy even if they have a physical ailment as long as they know how to manage that ailment.

With this post, I want to encourage you to redefine the meaning of being healthy and to start viewing yourself as a whole person even if you have any physical ailment at the moment. Even if you have no physical ailment, if mentally, emotionally or if your relationships are not healthy, then yes, you STILL are not healthy because the state of being healthy is an OVERALL state of being.

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