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“Why Do Good People Get The Short End of The Stick?”

I had a very interesting conversation with someone some days ago in which that person asked me “why do good people get the short end of the stick?” Now, when people ask this and I know this because I have asked myself this question before, this question stems from some sort of hurt that the person may feel. Perhaps that person gave their all to someone they love and was hurt and disappointed by them. Perhaps that person lost their job that they love in an unfair manner or they didn’t get the promotion that they felt they deserved or perhaps they feel that life hit them so hard. If you have ever asked yourself this question before or you ask yourself this now, whatever it is that happened that got you asking this question just remember this because it is true- great things happen to good people. Great things don’t happen to bad people the way some may think. It just appears this way because of one simple fact, one big element that marks the difference between the “good” people and the “bad” people and it is the sentiment or sensitivity of the person and their perception.

Usually “good” people are more sensitive and so when they get hurt, it really hurts them and they tend to be more giving. The reason why I write the word “good” in quotation marks is because people may have their own definition of what good means and I respect that. So I leave it up to you to determine what “good” people means. Back to what I was saying before, if you are very sensitive, you may intensify that hurt and when you do, all you can see is hurt and disappointment so it will, indeed, feel like you get the short end of the stick. If instead you look at your hurt as a lesson and part of your growth, it won’t hurt as much and you certainly won’t feel like you get the short end of the stick.

I would like to clarify that I am not saying to brush off your hurt and act like what bothers you doesn’t bother you. No! Not at all! I am all for feeling, accepting and embracing your emotions but you can’t stay with that negative emotion for long. Learn from your emotion. Try to understand your emotion. Your emotions are a part of you but that negative emotion doesn’t have to own you! When you remain with that negative emotion, that will put you in a state of self pity, hopelessness and so on, leading you to question “why good people get the short end of the stick?”.

That very question should be re-framed into another question because if not, that question which comes from a place of hurt, can hurt your well-being and your life in general. This hurts your well-being by putting you in a pitiful state which blocks any good from coming to you. This places you in a victim state which doesn’t allow you to take ownership of what happens and strips your power over your perception and feelings.

Next time you feel tempted to ask this question, rephrase it by asking yourself what is your role in the situation and what could you have done differently. These rephrased questions will help you get the lessons behind what just happened so that whatever it is that just happened won’t necessarily happen again.

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