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The Value In Lacks

“Has Aura gone nuts in this post?!” “What in the world does “lacks” have to do with our well-being?!”, you’re probably wondering because of what this post is about. Continue reading and you will see how your “lacks” or your perceived lacks have to do with your well-being.

I believe that anything that has even a minor impact on your emotions, your thoughts, your physical being, your spiritual being, all has to do with well-being. I think most of us suffer because of what we either feel we lack or what we actually lack and that can be anything from lack of money, lack of companionship, lack of whatever it is that is hurting you. If you are not careful, this lack can take over you and hurt you in certain areas of your life, if not all of the areas of your life. How so, you may ask? The perfect example I can think of, and this is just one of many examples, is if you feel the lack of companionship. If this lack becomes too strong within you, you may find yourself settling for less than you deserve, in a relationship that you are not happy in, or, God forbid, even in an abusive relationship.

Our lacks or our perceived lacks, if we are not aware and careful, can get us into so much trouble, to the point of affecting our well-being. When all that we see in our life are lacks, we miss seeing all the other beautiful things that we have in our life. So what can you do with the lacks or perceived lacks that you have in your life? Well, you can start seeing the value in them. That’s right! Nothing needs to go to waste and that includes your lacks.

Your lacks are what can help you appreciate when that thing or situation or person that you want in your life arrives. It can help you have a sense of gratitude for things. So for example, if you feel a strong sense of lack of companionship, this can help you appreciate when you do meet someone who is right for you. If you lack money, this lack will help you gain an appreciation for when you do have money. Just like you need to know what sadness is so that you know what happiness truly means, lacks provide you with the opportunity to learn lessons so that you can learn to be grateful for those things when they do arrive in your life.

The next time you feel a lack or have a perceived lack, (I say “perceived lack” because there are times that the lack one may feel is one that they may perceive it that way because they are not seeing it any other way), try looking at that lack from a different angle and find out what you can learn from it. Remember that your mind and your view on things has a great impact on your overall well-being.

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