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The Importance of Feeling Safe When It Comes to Your Well-Being

Safety is something that one may think of when it comes to being physically safe as in being away from anything that can harm them. However, that is not the only kind of safety. There is a kind of safety that perhaps many may not mention and it is equally important when it comes to your well-being and that is feeling safe.

What feeling safe refers to is the knowing that you can be yourself freely, the knowing that you can express yourself freely without feeling judged, threatened or reprimanded, being able to have your own thoughts without any fear and knowing that you can have your own opinions. It is a must to feel safe at home, at work, in your relationships and with yourself believe it or not.

With yourself you must feel safe because you must feel secure within you that you ARE entitled to your own feelings, your own thoughts, your own way of being no matter how different it may be from others. When you don’t allow yourself to feel, think and be who you are, believe it or not, you are not making yourself feel safe. Have that assurance that you are entitled to be who you are and to think and feel how you want to think and feel.

You must feel safe at home. You must feel safe to express your concerns to your loved ones, be your real self around them and share your thoughts and feelings. If for whatever reason you feel you need to somewhat hide your real self, you can’t share your feelings because of fear of being criticized, etc. something is seriously wrong. This has to change for the good of everyone.

You must feel safe at work. I believe that an environment where you feel you can’t be yourself, you can’t thrive. I want to clarify, if your behavior at work is disruptive, not productive and one of hostility, then no, there is something wrong with you and not your work environment and in no way should any employer tolerate that. This is not what I mean when I say to be yourself. Yourself should be one of positive energy, of encouragement but when you notice that your own work environment doesn’t encourage that, then it won’t work. Your job is where you spend most of your day, therefore it must be an environment where you feel safe.

It is a must, of course, to feel safe in your relationships. Relationships are about growth, trust, communication and knowing you can be yourself. Now, I must write and I have noticed that it’s not with everyone that you can be your 100%. You will notice that there will be those who you can be 80% with, others perhaps 75%, some 90% and only a select few 100%. With any close interaction that you have with someone, you must feel safe no matter what percentage of yourself you are. If not, it can’t work.

Feeling safe is just as important as being safe, “being safe” as in being physically away from harm and danger. Feeling safe helps form a glue in relationships and at home with your loved ones, it makes going to work so pleasant and it helps you feel more confident about yourself. Being aware of this is a must when it comes to your well-being.

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