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Let Your Pain Be Your Teacher

Oh pain, pain, just go away! None of us like to feel pain. In fact, we are actually wired to avoid pain at all costs. I would like to offer you another perspective on how to look at your pain that can help you improve your life in every way.

There are moments in our lives where we may have an emotional pain either because we have a need that isn’t met, we had a big loss or we were very disappointed and if we are not careful, that emotional pain can become a mental one. What do I mean with mental pain? When I say this, I’m referring to depression, anxiety, loss of sense of reality, etc. Now, I am excluding those who are clinically depressed because that is a different ball game and there are certain illnesses that may require medication. Although I have to say that had I pursued a Ph.D in psychology and even though I don’t have a Ph.D. I don’t really believe in medication for depression just because I’m a believer that when you can deal with the real issue (many of them being the way someone views their life or any abuse or trauma they went through, etc), you can alleviate the depression, but that’s just my opinion. By all means, should what you are feeling is getting out of hand, see a professional.

It is my belief that emotions are to be felt and be understood because they can tell you a lot about where you are in life and what your thinking is. With this said, when you are feeling emotional or mental pain, don’t resist the feeling. Rather embrace it and try to understand where it is coming from. This can be an opportunity for you to work on an area in your life that you need to pay attention to. Be empathetic and kind to yourself. Work on yourself and any issue you feel you need to resolve. You are truly the best investment you can make.

No emotional pain should go unnoticed nor should you make believe that it doesn’t exist. This is the equivalent of you having a wound that is bleeding and you just act like that wound doesn’t’ exist. Any time you have an emotional or mental pain, this is an indicator that something is not going right in your life or as I like to say, your life is not in alignment with what your soul wants. When you live in alignment with what your soul wants, your soul being your true essence, by default you will be truly happy. You will feel a sense of peace that others can’t shake. You will feel like you’re living with purpose.

Any negative emotion, including pain, doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This can be a great opportunity to grow in well-being or be a better version of yourself. In life you decide how it’s going to be so allow your pain to be your teacher and guide. Pain doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it’s all in how you look at it.

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