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It’s Right Now That Matters

I think we are all good at planning. We plan for tomorrow, next week, for the next few months, even the next few years. What we sometimes fail to realize is that it is not the future that matters as much as the present.

We have been fed the false idea of needing to always plan. Yes, indeed there are certain things that we do need to plan if we are to be successful at certain things. If you want to lose weight, you need to plan your weight loss. You need to plan so that you can be prepared for any challenging moments which will arise. Vacations need to be planned, etc. However, the one thing that you can not plan is your happiness. Planning for happiness is planning for failure and disappointments. This is because happiness is right NOW. Happiness is not tomorrow, it is not when someone plans something with you, it is not going to a particular place. It is right now.

I know this sounds easier said than done at times. You may wonder how can you be in the present moment when perhaps you may not be happy with your present time. First thing I have to say is that if you are not happy with your present time then your focus isn’t in the right place. It is necessary to shift your focus. You shift your focus by thinking about all that you currently have that you can be grateful for. You probably have read and heard this over and over again but what this does is that it changes your focus so that you can start changing your feelings.

What is the easiest thing that you can do right now that would give you peace? It could be something as simple as watching something that makes you smile, going for a walk, connecting with nature, drawing, anything that brings you joy. By doing this, what you are trying to let go is the resistance that you are feeling for what you don’t like in your present life. Although you can’t control outside things, you can always control yourself and how you are feeling.

Decide to enjoy the now. Be present in this current moment because indeed this is what you have. How are you currently feeling? Sit with those feelings. What are some of the things that come to your mind? Be mindful of the thoughts you have. Your thoughts become your feelings and your actions. Also, if you feel any negative feelings, sit with them for a moment. Feel them. Don’t be afraid of them. Observe and try to understand them. There is nothing wrong with feeling your emotions.

The moment you find yourself thinking, worrying, etc. about the future, stop yourself. This is the fastest way to anxiety, depression, and not enjoying the moment. Enjoy what you are seeing now, go out and see something wonderful; don’t deprive yourself of joy. Remember that YOU are your joy, not a person, circumstance, place, or thing.

I hope this post gets you thinking that it’s the now that matters. Everything else is an illusion. Everything else is just a distraction from your present time which is indeed a present. Everything else is a fantasy. The real joy is in the now and when you can fully understand and embrace that, that’s when you will start living life.

It is my intention that this post helps you think of your now in a different manner. That this helps you connect to your true self, not the self that others think or say. That this post helps you see that worry, anger and even joy are created within you and by focusing on your present moment, you will be able to create the joy that you so desire.

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