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You Are Getting a Bargain But You Don’t Realize This Yet

It’s interesting that the post that is read the most is “Why Do Good People Get the Short End of the Stick” which I posted, I believe, a few months ago. It seems like people search using words like “sadness” and “life”. It is this that pushes me to write today’s post.

Life is not always fair, however, life is whatever you want to make out of it. However way you look at yourself and your relation to the world and others, that’s how your life will be. This is where your self-concept and your self-esteem plays a big role. Self-concept is how you perceive yourself, what you think about yourself where as self-esteem is the way you feel about yourself. These two, although they mean different things, they go hand in hand. One affects the other. I mention this because low self-esteem and a poor self-concept clouds you from seeing the good.

I personally don’t believe that good people get the short end of the stick. If you’re very sensitive and you only focus on what isn’t working and what went wrong, of course you’re going to feel like you are getting the short end of the stick. Believing that you are getting the short end of the stick places you in a victim state and this is equivalent to you being on the passenger seat of the car and allowing circumstances, people, emotions to be on the driver seat, determining what route you’re going to take and which way to turn. Being on the passenger seat of your life puts you in such disadvantage because just like the passenger in a car watches the scenery as they pass by, you are watching your life go by passively while wallowing in whatever didn’t work out.

I think it is important to be aware what role you are playing in your life. Even when something doesn’t work out, think about what your role was in everything. Take responsibility for your life. Rather than allowing yourself to just fall “victim” to things or rather than allowing yourself to get wrapped up in things that don’t serve you, you decide that you will have control of yourself. You may not be able to control everything outside of you but you do have control of yourself. You are the one in control of your decisions, you are the one in control of your thoughts, you are the one in control of your emotions. You have more control than you think you have. It’s time to stop thinking you are getting the short end of the stick and begin to believe you are getting a bargain when something isn’t working out. Believe that you are worthy enough of what you want and that things are working out even when they don’t seem to be working out. If you need to work on your self-concept and self-esteem then do so. In every situation that isn’t working out, even if it makes you sad, you are not getting the short end of the stick, you are getting a bargain but you don’t realize it yet.

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