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Work With What You Have

There are times when we might feel like we need more in order to have more or that we need more in order to succeed or that we need more in order to have enough. There were many times when I felt this way and still did until recently and I learned that in life we just have to work with what we have.

When you work with what you have, you will realize that you have enough, if not, plenty. You will realize that you are enough just the way you are. When you work with what you have, you start to take advantage of all “the fruits that are reachable” as I like to say to refer to whatever resources you have that are available to you. You use your gifts and skills and focus on that rather than on your shortcomings. You focus on what works for you and magnetize that as opposed to focusing on what doesn’t work.

When you work with what you have, you will find yourself complaining less because you are able to see the abundance that you possess. You will notice more of the talents that you possess that you probably didn’t even know that you have. You will learn to be more observant of yourself.

If you want to start living to the fullest, one way is to start working with what you have. It’s what you have at the moment that counts so use it to your advantage and watch things multiply. When you learn to utilize what you have because you can see the value in what you have, this is how things can then start to multiply.

What does this have to do with wellbeing? It has all to do with wellbeing because part of wellbeing is being grateful for what you have and you utilize and appreciate what you have. Part of wellbeing is how you feel about yourself and about all that you already have. If you don’t feel like you have much to offer, if you feel like you are not enough, you will experience a void that robs your happiness. People who work with what they have do so because they see the value in what they have. When you see the value in things, you can then treat it like the precious jewel that it is. Every one of us have value and it’s important to see it and work with it. So what are you waiting for?! Starting seeing that value and work with what you have!

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