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Why You Need to Wear Many Hats

This may seem like a strange title for today’s post, however, if you keep reading, you will see how relevant this title and today’s post is to your well-being.

When I write “wear many hats” I by no means mean it in a literal sense. I mean in it in the sense of you having several roles that you play in your life. The importance of playing several roles in your life has nothing to do with keeping yourself busy and all to do with maintaining that balance that you need in life. When all you do is just play one role in life, when things go wrong, you can feel like your world is falling apart. This is why it is a must to wear many hats in life in order to keep things in perspective and to maintain inner balance.

What does “wearing many hats” mean if you still don’t get what I just wrote? What this means is that you are not just a “mother” if you are a mother or a “father” if you are a father- you are a sister, a brother, a friend, an employee whatever that title may be, you are a volunteer, you are a mentor, you are whatever it is that you enjoy but you have several roles that you play in life rather than just one. When you only play one role, you may not realize it but you behave in a way that is obvious to others that lacks balance. I would like to clarify that I by no means imply that what others think or their view of you should matter more than your own, not at all. But what I do mean and I will explain this using an example, if all you are is a lawyer and that’s all you do, that’s your whole life, you take yourself way too seriously and you take what goes on way too seriously. You may even be a bit uncomfortable to be around for your colleagues because of the lack of balance that you have. If instead, you are a lawyer and you have a family to take care of, you have friends to look forward to seeing, you start to see things in your career in a whole different light. You don’t take the things that don’t really matter much too seriously. That’s the power of wearing many hats- it gives you other things to look forward to, it helps put the things that don’t really matter in perspective and it helps balance you out when one area of your life isn’t going well.

Another example of how harmful it is when you only play one role is when life starts to change and so the only role you played seems to either cease or change dramatically. This can be particularly hurtful when, say for instance, a mom who is only a housewife and a mother sees her kids grow up and leave and feels that she has nothing else left. This may sound drastic but it does happen and one of the things to always keep in mind is that life is always changing whether we like it or not. We get older, people grow and change, people move, etc. and so it is important to be elastic and mold to the changes that come in life. If that mom had other roles to play, even though it would still feel sad to see her kids grow up and leave, it would not hit her so hard because she has other things to look forward to and fall back on.

I can go on and on with this topic because I feel this is one topic that I can not fully finish with just one post. However, I would like to finish this post with this one thought…if you have only made your job your world, your home your world or just one single thing your world whatever that may be, I encourage you to consider wearing other hats for your mental and emotional sanity as well as for achieving that balance that you need in your life.

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