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What To Do With Setbacks

This past weekend I had what I called a setback. This is a setback that is spilling over to other areas of my life and I just kept wondering why. Why can’t I seem to be moving forward the way I want to? Why is it that things are not working or going the way I want them or need them to go? Why, why, why? I’m pretty sure most of you have had moments like this in your life as well and so I feel it is important to write about what to do with setbacks.

First let’s define what a setback is. A setback can be a difficulty you are encountering at the moment, a reversal in what you are doing meaning that instead of moving forward you are moving backwards or something that you feel or think is standing in your way. We all go through setbacks at some point in our life because there is value in every setback. I was tempted to say that we go through setbacks because that’s life but that is like saying that life is meant to have some difficulties and I don’t think that is it.

So with this said, then what can one do with setbacks? Because there is value to setbacks, (remember this one-value, this is key so remember this) this is an opportunity for growth. You can grow spiritually, mentally, physically and you can even learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before. One of the things that we should always feel encouraged to do is learn because learning is part of growth in every way. Setbacks can offer you the opportunity to strengthen a belief or a value that you perhaps didn’t believe to be true before. For instance, if you have a year that you get sick a lot, your physical state can be a setback because as a result of how you feel, there are things that you have to put on hold since the main concern is your health. However, this one setback can provide you with the knowledge not just in the mind but in the heart of how important your body is and how important it is the way you treat it. Because of this experience, you now fully understand the value of your body, the value in how you treat it because what you just went through hit home for you. Even seeing a relative getting sick can hit home for you how important it is to take care of yourself.

Setbacks can be an opportunity for you to see a side of yourself that perhaps had it not been for that setback, you would have never known that about yourself. An example of this could be perhaps you are being challenged to do something and in the process you learn that you need to be more patient or be more organized. There is always something about ourselves that we can learn that we don’t know yet. I am one to believe that there is so much to us and so much learning to do when it comes to ourselves.

Setbacks don’t have to be a problem nor an obstacle. It may feel that way in this present time but if you dig deep and pay close attention, you will find lessons hidden in that setback that can help enrich your life in so many ways than you can possibly imagine. It’s all in paying close attention and being willing to learn.

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