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What Does It Mean to Live Fully?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

I would dare to say that most of us are seeking to live fully. We are constantly seeking for more ways to feel happiness, fullness, satisfaction, etc. We have a tendency to try to numb our negative emotions and we live a life thinking that that’s the way we are supposed to live.

So how are we supposed to live? What does it mean to live fully? It is these questions that I know many ask themselves that I would like to address in today’s post.

The definition of living fully is going to be different for everyone. One thing that I must say that applies to everyone is that in order to live fully, it is YOUR meaning of living fully that matters most. No one else’s matters when it comes to you living your life. Keep in mind that other people will have their own perception of how you are living your life. It is not their perception that matters most, it is YOURS that matters most. Knowing this, not just with your mind but with your heart as well, is the first step to living fully.

So, how are you supposed to live? You are supposed to live according to what lights your soul up. You are supposed to live according to how you define life, as long as you are not hurting yourself or others. I mention this last thing because there are times when the things we do hurt not only us but others as well, but that is another topic to discuss on another post. You are meant to live without any toxic feelings poisoning you. You are meant to always express yourself in a way that is appropriate for others as well. There is also a big reason why I mention this which I will discuss another time.

What does it mean to live fully? In order for you to know what this means, you have to master yourself. You need to understand and know yourself in such a deep level. It is then that you will be able to live authentically, which leads you to living fully. For this to happen, you need to be willing to take responsibility of your life. Living fully requires you to live according to your own meaning of living life fully.

I used to be one who used to worry about what others thought of me. I can tell you from personal experience that this will cripple you. I used to be one who used to take other people’s thoughts and truths as my own. I can tell you from personal experience that this is one of the fastest ways to your void and feeling lost. I used to be one who used to go wherever the wind would blow, meaning that whatever others did, I would do. I can tell you from personal experience that by doing this, you lose your power.

I didn’t get to the point that I am in by doing the same thing I did before. I got to this point by mastering myself and by this I mean understanding myself. By doing my own inner work, by daring to dig deep, I am where I am. This is the key to living life fully. This is why the work that I do for others mean so much to me because I know what it can do for their overall life in the long run. You can live life fully but in order to do that, it has to be lived on your own terms but you need to know what those terms are.

Living fully isn’t complicated nor does it have to be this long, difficult journey. It takes willingness to do that work. Thank God I have had and still have my own coaches who coach me in my journey. You can’t grow alone. None of us grow alone. This is why I highly recommend everyone have their own coach to coach them through their own journey. If this is of interest to you, know that I offer a coaching program designed to help you master yourself to greater well-being. Just contact me for more info and to have a complimentary breakthrough session.

With today’s post, I want to encourage you to live life fully, which means a life where you are living on your own terms. Not anybody else’s terms. Remember that living fully doesn’t have to be complicated nor difficult and remember to enjoy the journey.

I would like to invite you to take the FREE course I created called The Path to Your Nirvana™, which is a 28 day course with 5 steps meant to help you live your own happiness by understanding first what is getting in the way of you being on your own path of happiness, how to overcome it, learning to understand your actions and focus and getting you to the path that your true essence has in store for you. There is a free bonus course with this course so it’s something for you to take advantage of. All you have to do is click on the link, put your name and email address.

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