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There Is Beauty In Everything

What does this have to do with wellbeing? I would say everything. When we learn to see the beauty in everything, we learn to love everything. When we learn to love everything, we learn not to judge and we transmit love to others which helps us attract beautiful things into our lives. When we have love for everything, we can then have wellbeing since love is healthy.

When we don’t have love, we are poor in health, we are poor material wise, we are poor on the quality of our relationships with others, in other words, we are poor in everything. It’s that love that we have towards ourselves and others that leads us to richness. We are composed of cells and the emotions that we feel, every cell in our body feels it and so having love adds more health to your body. Who wouldn’t want to be more healthy? You can start by seeing the beauty in everything, even in the things that you may not like and you will see how little by little you will learn to have love for everything. Having and feeling love as well as seeing the beauty in things is part of your wellbeing.

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