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The Main Ingredient In Your Life

There are many times when we expect something to happen in life or for someone to show up in our life in order to be happy. We wait for that special someone to arrive, we wait till we have the perfect job, or till we graduate, or whatever it is that we are expecting to bring us happiness. When this is the case, we are in for a terrible disappointment because we will wait for so long and postpone our happiness. There is one main ingredient in your life and this is the ingredient needed in order to have an interesting life, a happy life, a successful life and that main ingredient is YOU.

There is no one or nothing that can add that spice, jazz or whatever you want to call it but you. Only you can provide your life all the excitement that it needs because only you really know what makes you happy. Only you can provide yourself with that unconditional love that only you can provide to yourself. Only you set the standard for how others will treat you. The respect that you want and need first comes from you. Only you know what would be the perfect job for you. Only you know what kind of romantic relationship you need. Only you can create the life that you want. Only you can decide to make positive changes in your life. Only you!

The mistake that we make is that we expect for this certain person to arrive in order to be happy, have certain friends in order to start doing certain things, wait until we make X amount of money in order to feel happy, anything else rather than realize that all that starts with us. The moment you look outside of yourself for that meaningful life that you want, you will feel lost. If you expect someone to do something for you in order for you to get something, you may never get it if you first don’t give that to yourself.

It is important in life to take the initiative to start having the life that you want. Whatever it is that you want, first give it to yourself. That respect that you want, give it to yourself. That love that you want, you give it to yourself. That adventure that you want, you give it to yourself. Don’t wait for something or someone to give those things to you. You may just be waiting forever, compromising your well-being.

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