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One Main Ingredient To Having The Things You Want In Life

I have been analyzing my life and observing other people’s lives and questioning why is it that other people have certain things while others who deeply desire the same thing don’t have those things they want. Is it that certain people are more deserving of it than others? Could it be that certain people are destined for certain things while others are not? I refuse to believe that something that you deeply desire is not meant for you because I believe if it was placed in your heart it’s because God or the Universe or whatever your higher being is placed it there for you and it’s already yours.

I have been reading lately on how to find your soulmate because it’s a topic that interests me at the moment and one of the things that many authors say is that you have to set the intention. Set the intention? Now this caught my eye and I found myself pondering on this statement and I came to the conclusion that this not only applies to finding your soulmate, this also applies to everything else as well.

An example of setting the intention to find your soulmate is by declaring that you will meet your soulmate and making room in your life for love. You act as if you already have that soulmate in your life. For example, you buy a bed that two people can sleep on. I’ve noticed that when men are ready to settle down and marry, they are already buying a home or at least saving up to buy a home in order to have something to offer their future wife. In their mind they already have that wife they are searching for.

If losing weight is your goal, for example, you are going to first set the intention and imagine the body you want. You start to live and eat the way someone with that body would. You will have the discipline that it takes to reach your goal. It’s not enough wanting that body, you have to do what it takes. You set the intention.

If starting a business is your goal, the wanting to start a business is easy but it is not enough. Who doesn’t want to have their own business?! You have to first set the intention! You do that by knowing that it takes work and doing the work that it takes. You already have your business in mind and you take the steps necessary in order to make what you have in your mind come true.

Awww, setting the intention. I couldn’t help but realize how true this is for love but also for everything else in life. Unless you set that intention and get right to it, you won’t accomplish anything.

What does setting the intention have to do with well-being? It has all to do with well-being because a very important aspect to your well-being is how you feel about your life and feeling a sense of achievement that you have accomplished things in life.  Who doesn’t want to enjoy good health? Who doesn’t want to grow financially? Who doesn’t want to be all that they are meant to be?! However, to be able to feel satisfied in all areas of your life, you have to set the intention for what you want in life. You have to set the intention for love, you have to set the intention that you will eat right and exercise, you have to set the intention to get your finances straight, etc.

For your well-being, anything that you set out to do, first start by setting the intention, be clear about what you want and you will be surprised at the changes you might start seeing in your life.

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