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No Matter What You Do Or Say, Always Come From A Place Of Love

There will be times in life where you will be disappointed, sad and angry. That is normal because you are a human being and as a human being, you will feel all kinds of emotions. The one thing I think is very important and it’s one lesson I learned in these past weeks is that no matter what you do or say, always come from a place of love.

When I say “always come from a place of love”, I’m not saying that you neglect whatever anger, sadness or disappointment you are feeling, this is not what I mean since it is important to acknowledge these feelings. What this really means is that when you respond to a situation, wait until you are cooled off and instead of coming from a place of anger or sadness, come from a place of peace. It’s very easy to react to what is going on and what you are feeling but it is very important to just step back for a moment and think about what is going on and what you are feeling. I have to admit that there will be times where it will feel hard to do this but when you are coming from a place of love, the person that is benefiting from this is YOU. It’s important at the end of the day to be happy with the way you handled a situation and that many times means taking the high road for as difficult that this may be.

For as difficult as it may be for you to smile, for whatever the reason may be that is keeping you from feeling happy, still find it within you to smile. Indeed when you smile the world does smile right back at you. For as difficult as it may feel to be nice when you are upset, still manage to find it within you to be nice to others. Remember, once again, the person that benefits from this is YOU. For as angry as someone may have made you, step back and wait until you cool off to then approach the person. If you are upset and disappointed with yourself, even with yourself come from a place of love and have compassion for what you did. Have an understanding that what you did doesn’t make you a bad person. Treat yourself with love and kindness the way you would for your best friend.

Always coming from a place of love is one very important and valuable lesson that you can learn and apply to your life in order to grow in your overall well-being. It is love what truly nurtures our soul and it’s essential to make it a goal to always add more love into your life.

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