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Is Your Life Coinciding With What Your Soul Wants?

When you have felt anxious, miserable, emotionally and spiritually tired, have you ever stopped to think about the direction your life is heading? Have you ever stopped to think about what is truly contributing to your misery? Have you ever wondered if your life is coinciding with what your soul wants? Now that’s a profound question to ask because it requires you to question who you are and this makes you look deep inside yourself, not outside of you, not ask others for their opinion, not follow others thinking that if you do what they do that you too will be happy. No. This requires some deep thinking and soul searching and trust me that it is worth the time.

There are so many factors that can contribute to our unhappiness but one big factor, I find, is that not a lot of people live a life that coincides with who they truly are and what is even more sad is that not many know who they truly are. I think it is crucial for our well-being that one does what their soul desires, that one lives their life according to the essence of who they are. That’s the only way one can truly be happy.

My definition of what our soul is is that true essence of who we are and that essence is something we are born with and it has nothing to do with our background, where we come from, our physical makeup nor what others think of us. I believe when we pay attention to that essence of who we are, that’s when we get a true sense of the direction to lead our lives because our soul guides us.

How do you know when your soul speaks to you? I believe you will know by the way you feel. Ask yourself, what truly excites you in life? What makes your heart jump for joy? What is it that gives your life meaning? If you ask yourself these questions, you will notice that your soul will give you the answers and those answers will lead to the kinds of decisions you need to make in order to find your own happiness.

“How does one learn to listen to their soul? What if I try and I hear nothing?” you may wonder. Listening to your soul requires you to be centered and what helps me be centered is meditation. When you quiet your mind, when you become mindful, you will feel yourself relax and that true essence of who you are will emerge. It may not happen right away but you will notice that as time passes and you keep on meditating, you will get better at being mindful and you will hear your soul speaking to you.

You will hear your soul speak to you by the way you feel. You will gain insight to who you are all about. When you do, take notice of this. If you need to write it down then do so. Me personally when I meditate in the morning and even during the day, there are some questions that I ponder on. I carry with me a notebook and I write the question. As soon as I get my answer(s), I write them down. You can’t imagine how valuable this has been for me.

Taking your time to listen to your soul, you will find, will be very rewarding for you. You will realize that your soul is your very own GPS to your path to happiness. Your soul without a doubt will indicate to you what to do, how to best live your life and you will experience true happiness.

So next time you start feeling miserable with life, ask yourself that simple question. “Is my life coinciding with what my soul wants?”. You will find this a truly interesting question to ask and one that will help you live your life to the max.

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