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How To Deal With That Sense of Heaviness That You May Be Feeling Inside You

I think talking about how to be positive and how to eat right when it comes to well-being isn’t enough to cover the different aspects to our well-being. I think it is so important to talk about the aspects that can compromise our well-being and one of the many things that can compromise our well-being is that feeling of heaviness that we may feel. How do we get over that? How do we deal with that? How can we deal with moments when our mind is clouded, when we can’t seem to clear our mind? I will do my best in this post to offer some suggestions on how to deal with heaviness in our heart and mind.

First off, I would say that you are entitled, let me write this again, ENTITLED, yes in capital letters, to feel all range of emotions because you are only human. You are entitled to your off days, you are entitled to your down days, you are entitled. Life, I don’t think, is meant to be a smooth road, however, your perspective on things shapes how bumpy your ride will be. Although life can be complex, at the end of the day, your view on things can shape how complicated things can be. Know that there is nothing wrong with you feeling down and having off moments. It is only a part of life. Knowing that you are entitled to this will help you not feel bad about what you are feeling and it will help you to not put resistance on your emotions. I think that putting resistance on your emotions just makes matters within you worse. It makes it harder to get over what you are feeling, it makes it difficult for you to move on and you are stopping yourself from learning any lessons that you are meant to learn from what you are feeling and going through.

Now, I want to clarify that although you are entitled to your off and down days, don’t stay in that emotion. It is not healthy for you to remain in a down state for too long. Look at this as an injustice that you are doing to your body when you linger in emotions that can drain your energy. Every negative emotion is harmful on a long-term basis for your body. You don’t want to put that amount of stress on your body. Your body needs loving all the time and part of that love that you provide to your body is not lingering too long on negative emotions. Don’t deny those emotions, I’m not saying not to deny them. Feel those emotions, recognize them, embrace them, learn from them and do your best not to dwell on those emotions.

“How do I not dwell on those negative thoughts or emotions when they are so strong?” you might ask. Seriously analyze what it is that causes you to feel this heaviness. I am big on breaking things apart in my mind.  Breaking things apart in your mind will help you look at your situation with a different eye. Ask yourself the following questions: Is it worth it for you to feel this way? Can you try to “fix” the situation so it doesn’t cause you this much pain? What can you learn from this situation?. There are so many reasons that can cause one to feel heaviness that in this single post it is challenging to cover all that one can do to overcome this feeling. Because every situation is unique and different, your approach to the situation will be different. The kind of questions you ask will be different.

I would suggest journaling, which is writing down what you are feeling and thinking. There is something so powerful about writing down what you have in your mind because it is no longer in your mind. It helps you gain clarity into your thoughts and emotions. Having clarity and an understanding of why you are feeling what you are feeling will empower you because you will know more about yourself. The more you know about yourself, you will be able to make better choices for yourself. You will treat yourself differently because of the awareness that you have of who you are.

Don’t forget to do things that you enjoy. There is something so powerful for our well-being when we do things that brings joy to us. Having hobbies and doing things that you like helps distract you from things that can be going on that puts you down, helps build your self-esteem, and you learn more about yourself. That’s part of our journey in life, getting to know ourselves more.

Surround yourself by people who love and care about you. Knowing that you are loved and accepted for who you are is just so important to your emotional and mental well-being. It is these people who can help you overcome your difficult times.

Remember too that everything passes. This hard time that you are going through will pass. It is so important to remember this when going through tough times that these moments don’t last forever. This thought will help you look forward to beautiful times that are ahead.

Living with purpose and to the max may not always be easy but knowing that part of life is knowing how to deal with hard times is very important. It is these hard times that will help you appreciate all the beautiful times that are yet to come. Remember, you can’t know what true happiness is until you know what sadness and hardship is.

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