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Call BS on BS

For those who don’t understand what I mean with “BS”, that means bullshit. So on today’s post, I would like to write about the importance of calling BS on BS.

Many times the reason we keep doing the crazy things we do, we accept less than what we deserve, we keep getting more of what we don’t want, etc. is because we are not willing to call BS on BS. This is extremely important for your well-being because this will allow you to be all that you are meant to be because you are being honest with yourself.

So what are the BS in life? The BS can be your excuses for why you are not doing what you know you are supposed to be doing, your excuses as to why you settle for relationships that are below what you actually deserve. The BS can even be your limiting beliefs and the story that you tell yourself. Many times we don’t even realize that it is our limiting beliefs about ourselves, what we think we deserve, us holding on to an idea of something that we think needs to be a certain way and even the way that we view ourselves are what block us from having a great life.

It is for this reason that I would like to encourage you to sit with yourself and analyze what are your BS in your life that are holding you back. Think about this for a minute. Is it something that you are holding on to? Why are you holding on to this? Do you have an idea of how something needs to be in your life? Is this idea that you have in your mind holding you back? Is it blocking you from seeing all the other options that life has for you? Think about what are the things that are currently not working for you at the moment.

I can almost guarantee you that all these things have one thing in common and that is you. This is because YOU are the common denominator in all this. You are the one who creates your own life. You are the own who holds the key to changing all this. You are the one who can make your life into whatever you want it to be. Your well-being depends on you and nothing else. Your well-being depends on no one else. It is for this very reason that it is important to call BS on BS because doing so will bring to light the things you need to be paying attention to so that you can create the massive changes that you are looking for.

What calling BS on BS will do is that it will help you be so honest with yourself to the point that you will be able to appreciate parts of you that you didn’t appreciate before. It will help you see how you have attracted into your life the things that you have attracted. It will help you see what areas of your life and of yourself you may need to work on.

I can tell you from personal experience that this can be a challenge at times. It can be a challenge because it can be tough to be so brutally honest with yourself and admit the things that perhaps you don’t want to admit to yourself. I have been so fortunate to have a mentor that has helped me do this and realize how I have been using my own excuses to justify why certain things didn’t work the way I wanted it to work. It is because of this fortune that I would like to share this nugget with you so you too can do the same for yourself.

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