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Are You Putting Limitations On Yourself?

We all have so many goals, dreams, aspirations in life and this is good because it is our dreams, goals and aspirations that give us something to look forward to and it keeps us moving forward. Some dreams may seem too grand to the point that it may seem impossible. Why is this? Why is it that for some certain, dreams seem attainable while for others it may not? If you find yourself in this situation, one good question to ask is whether you are putting any limitations on yourself.

Many times you may not realize that the reason why you don’t achieve your goals is because subconsciously, you may have put a limitation on yourself. Perhaps you may feel and question yourself “Who am I to achieve this?”. If subconsciously you are asking yourself this, you are placing yourself in a position where you are taking away your own power. Perhaps you may subconsciously feel inadequate to do the things you want to do. Again, this limits you both mentally and emotionally. As we think, we are and so if you are thinking negative things about yourself, you are limiting your own capabilities. Another way that you can be limiting yourself from your own dreams is by sabotaging your efforts as soon as you get close to your goal. These are things to pay close attention to because they can reveal to you what your real thoughts are about yourself. The reason why I write “your real thoughts” is because you may have one conscious thought about who you are but deep down inside you may have another thought and it is that thought that gets you into trouble.

What does this topic have to do with your well-being and life? Part of well-being is being truly happy and having that balance that I always mention. There are times when the reason why we are not happy and we are not doing the things that we truly love is because of some limitation that we have placed on ourselves. When this is the case, it is crucial to identify what that limitation is or else we will continue being stuck in the same situation that we don’t like.

There are many ways in which we place limitations on ourselves and each limitation is different from person to person. It is important to have a good analysis of oneself in order to understand why is it that we are not achieving the goals we have in mind. It may very well be that you are doing everything right but the reason why you are not achieving your goals is because of some limitation that you have placed on yourself and have not realized it yet.

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