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“Am I Qualified To Do This Or That In Life?”

Have you ever asked yourself this very question that I just wrote? Have you ever had a goal or dream of doing or being something but questioned whether it was possible? Have you ever thought how what you want can be possible when the odds seem against you? What prompts me to write this is that I know many people question whether or not they are qualified to do this or that in life. I think we all have questioned ourselves this, especially when a dream seems so big to reach. But it is this very question that can stop you from actually reaching your goals because of what this question implies. What do I mean with this? What I mean with this is that when you ask yourself this question, you are questioning your capacity to fulfill whatever it is that you want, spreading the seeds of doubt. When doing this, this alone can be enough for you to give up on yourself and your dreams.

I believe if there is something that you feel in your heart that you want to do, you’re already qualified. If there is something that you do that gives you joy and satisfaction, that is what you’re supposed to be doing. If when thinking of a goal or dream you get a feeling of excitement, what better proof do you want that you are indeed meant to have that dream fulfilled?! You’re already qualified to be happy. You’re already qualified to be loved. You’re already qualified to be respected. You’re already qualified to have your dreams come true. The only piece of the puzzle for you to see that indeed you are qualified to do this or that in life is YOU. You are the one who has to believe you can do it. You are the one who has to do the work that it takes to reach your goals. You are the one who has to plant the seeds of possibility and belief.

What does this question and what I’m writing have to do with your well-being and life in general? Sometimes part of the misery that one may feel in life is allowing seeds of doubt to grow to such a point that it stunts their growth and prevents their true essence to flourish. When you allow that to happen, you settle for less, you get comfortable, you allow yourself to shrink and all this contributes to feelings of frustration which will cause a ripple effect onto other areas of your life. It is important in life to get to know oneself, to strive for balance in life and I would also like to add that it’s important to push past your comfort zone in life and strive to be the person that you truly are. If in your heart you feel like doing or being something, then remember that you’re already qualified.

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