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Accept And Be Happy Where You Are Now

There are times in our life where we are going to feel like we want much more from life. We want to make more money, we want a loving relationship, we want to lose weight, etc. What compels me to write this topic is the fact that there are several big “jumps” I want to take that will be life changing that once I take those jumps, I will totally be in a different place in life. Thinking about all that I would have made me so happy and then I thought about how different my life would be and all that I won’t have which made me a bit sad and made me realize how I have to accept and be happy where I am now in life.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life. However, while wanting more out of life, it is important to be happy and accept where you are in life. This accepting and being happy where you are right now doesn’t mean that you won’t be taking actions towards becoming the person that you want to be. What this means is that while you are in the process of changing yourself and your life, you won’t be in a state of feeling the lack of what you don’t yet have. You will appreciate where you are at the moment which will attract more abundance to you. You see the value in everything you have at this very moment because this won’t last forever. I believe this is why we tend to take things for granted. We forget that nothing lasts forever and that what we have at the moment are gifts.

The things that you want require a change within you and outside of you. Therefore, most likely what you have at the moment you won’t have in the near future. You want to be able to look back and be happy with the fact that you enjoyed what you had at every moment. Life is not meant for you to start enjoying your life once you have what you want. No. Life is meant for you to enjoy it now. Delight yourself with the fact that what you want you will have while enjoying what you have now.

How can you accept and be happy where you are now when you so crave changes in your life? For me, it took me thinking about how I won’t have some of the things I currently have in order for me to appreciate what I have at the moment. Remind yourself that nothing lasts forever. Because of this fact, this can be a start for you to appreciate where you are in life.

As I said earlier, there is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life. Just as you are wanting more, be grateful, happy and accept where you are at the moment.

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