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The Importance of Planning

Planning for some may seem like a chore. However, let me explain in today’s post the importance of planning. I will start first by defining the word planning. Planning is when you prepare for something ahead of time. Although planning for things may seem like a chore, this is crucial to your well-being as well as to having an organized, healthy life.

Although there are things you can never plan for, but for the things you can, do so. Planning serves as a way to structure yourself. When you plan your day ahead, you can get more done. One of the challenges for many is achieving certain goals, especially when they are many and this is why planning is very crucial. A very good example of how planning is very important is when you are trying to lose weight. If you don’t plan what you will eat ahead of time, having foods already ready and handy, if you don’t plan when you will workout, your chances of success decreases because there will be an excuse to eat junk food. When there is no planning, there will be an excuse not to workout. Planning is crucial for every element of your life, not just for weight loss. And let me emphasize that the more you want to accomplish, the more crucial it becomes to plan things out.

Planning serves as a way to set the tone for how things will go. I remember when I was on the journey of lose weight, I had what I called my “emergency snacks” and these were snacks that I had always handy with me in case I would get tempted to eat very sweet foods or junk foods. This helped me tremendously when it came to breaking the habit of eating foods that were not conducive to health. Even before the day started I was already feeling successful in my weight loss journey because of my planning. When it comes to work, planning can serve as a way for how your day will go because you will choose what you will do first and what needs more attention.

Planning serves as a way to visualize your day/event or whatever it is that you are planning. I remember back when I was losing weight, I would plan everything, from the food to situations that would arise that would be challenging and thought of ways of how I would deal with it, etc. When you plan, you also prepare for situations that may arise and you visualize or play in your mind how you will deal with the situation should it happen.

Planning is part of having a successful life in every sense of the word and what a successful life translates to is also to more well-being. Therefore, whenever you feel that planning is a chore, think of it as a weapon to use for your success. This is what is going to help you get from point A to point B. It doesn’t have to be a chore. Allow planning to be your ally in you being successful in life.

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