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Reasons to Love Your Body

Whether we realize it or not, there are many reasons to love our body. Sometimes we don’t love it because we may not like the way it looks, or we may feel our body doesn’t reflect who we are, etc. Having the opportunity to learn more about our body and how it works made me realize we have so many reasons to love our body regardless of the way it looks now.

Your body is perfectly designed to function properly. Every organ that you have has its own function and every single day your body works non stop to make sure it does what it is suppose to do. For instance, your skin protects your insides from outside elements and your skin is perfectly designed to eliminate elements that it doesn’t need through sweat. The skin also helps regulate your body temperature. Your eyelashes and eyebrows were created to protect the eyes from dust and “foreign invaders”, to put it in a different way. Every single thing in your body is for a reason, a function. Your body is what houses your spirit. Your body is the only body that you will ever have. You need to treasure it and care for it the way you would for something worth gold because your body is worth gold.

Love your body because your body works very hard to keep you alive. Even when you sleep, your body is working in order to heal and restore itself. Even if there is a part of your body that you are not happy with, treasure it because it is a part of you. That part of your body that you don’t like serves you.

Your body has the capacity to heal itself and if you give it its space and time to heal with nothing interrupting its healing, it will heal naturally with little side effects. Of course, there are moments when the body needs the help of medicine to heal because medicine does has its place on your healing but your body is naturally made to heal on its own when we treat it the way it’s supposed to be treated.

Your skin, your nerves, your brain, your eyes, your ability to hear, so much allows you to experience life in its entirety. The fact that you can experience the outside world the way you do is a blessing. Should you need to see your blessings, you don’t have to look so far. Just knowing and appreciating how your body was created and all it does for you on a daily basis is enough to count your blessings. If your body doesn’t function properly, your health gets compromised. Without health, you truly have nothing since you can’t work, can’t pay bills if you can’t work, you don’t have the strength to be there for your loved ones, etc.

You have so many reasons to love your body. Start making a list today of all those reasons, regardless of how you feel about your body. By making this list, you just may start appreciating your body the way it deserves to be appreciated.

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