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It’s Ok and Important to Relax

We live nowadays in a “go, go, go” society and one that expects so much from us. In a world where so much is expected from us and where there is so much to do, it is very important and necessary to relax.

Yes, it’s ok to relax and it’s important to relax. It doesn’t make you a lazy person, don’t think you will get bored if you just relax. Relaxing gives your body a moment to recuperate, to gather strength, your mind has a moment to process all the information and messages that it receives during the day. Relaxing allows you to be present, mindful of what is going on around you and it helps center you which is so important in order for you to feel peace and at ease.

Being always on the go, go, go places stress on the body and having that kind of stress on the body on a daily basis, with time, leads to lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and so on. Any spare moment that you can take to relax, even if it is five minutes, do so. Not doing this is doing such a disservice to your body. Your mind and body works very hard everyday so it deserves that break! Just like you would care for your child or a loved one, you need to care for your body and this is one way.

“What are some ways that I can relax?” you might ask. There are different ways, it’s just a matter of finding what works for you. If you feel the stress on a certain part of your body, stop for a moment and take five deep breathes. If nature relaxes you, whenever you can, take a moment to walk in the park or beach and if this isn’t possible, imagine and picture for about five minutes a place that brings you  joy. If you’re at home and can take a little nap, do so, but not for more than 30 minutes (I will discuss why at another time). For me, reading a good book relaxes me. Find whatever it is that works for you and apply it.

In this kind of society it is becoming crucial to relax. Our body is not an electrical machine and even machines break down from time to time. With this said, if you want to be more energetic, if you want to feel more positive, if you want to be more productive, RELAX! Your body and your mind deserves it.

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