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Happiness Depends On You, Not Anyone Else

A lot of times we look outside of us for what we should be looking within us. I know that I have done that for so long and felt lost. We also look outside of us for the happiness we so long for when that happiness doesn’t depend on anyone else but us. We are the only ones who can make us happy. Yes, others contribute to our life but in the end, it is us who are responsible for our own happiness and wellbeing.

The moment we place that responsibility on our own hands is when our life starts to shift. We no longer depend on others to make us happy rather we rely on ourselves for answers. And indeed it is only us who have the answers to all our questions.

When you look outside of yourself for your happiness, you become a slave of others. You are not completely free because you will always be chasing and looking for other things for that that you think will bring you happiness. When you look outside of yourself for that happiness, that happiness will only be temporary. Back in 2010, others wouldn’t notice but my close friends knew, I spent and spent money shopping in order to fill a void. The problem was that when I did this, my void was only filled temporarily. I needed to go out and shop some more in order to be “happy” again. I ended up owing more than, (much more but don’t want to say exactly), $3, 000 to the credit card company and I don’t have anything to show for all that I spent. I have no idea where that money went! In the end, I was owing money, I still wasn’t happy and I had to learn to deal with what was really hindering me from being happy. What I had failed to do all this time was look inside of me for that happiness that I was longing.

Now, when you look inside of you and depend on you for that happiness you want and need, you will find that you possess everything to be happy. You don’t depend on no man or woman, circumstance or object to be happy. You will find yourself being liberated because you will rely more on you. You will grow in confidence knowing that you possess everything you need. You will slowly learn to rely on yourself more and as a result, you will be more attractive as a person because of this. Think about it. Someone who relies on someone else to be happy is not an attractive quality. That actually repels people and good things away from you!

I can tell you from personal experience that when I started looking within me for happiness, I started to realize how fabulous I am as a person and woman. This resulted in me gaining more confidence in myself which then made me rely more on myself, which made the true me shine through. Because we are all energy, people can see and sense that.

Next time you feel tempted to look outside of you for happiness, remember, that happiness that you are looking for you already have it within you!

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