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Everything Happens In Your Favor

It is normal to be disappointed when something didn’t go right or when something that you wanted didn’t go through. Disappointments are a part of life. However, in order to grow in wellbeing, it is important to be able to view the disappointments in another light.

I truly believe in the power that our mind has on our mental, emotional and physical health. I believe that with our mind we have the capacity to cure ourselves if we wanted to. The mind also has the power of making us sick and it is because of this power that I always emphasize how we need to learn to use our mind right. With all this said, it is important that we learn to view that everything happens in our favor.

Everything works in our favor, even when people disappointment us. When an opportunity shuts in your face, it is because there is a bigger more beautiful opportunity waiting to arrive. When a relationship didn’t work out, it’s because there is someone even better for you but for that person to come into your life, the person who is currently in your life needs to leave your side. Something that may seem bad can be an opportunity for growth. It is an opportunity to be able to view things in a way that perhaps you would not have thought of viewing in that way. When something didn’t work out, God knows or the Universe knows what it was trying to avoid you of going through.

I believe that when we view that everything happens in our favor that we get less disappointed. We get angry less often, we are more relaxed and our mind remains clear. In other words, it is beneficial for your health to view things in this manner. We can enjoy greater health because we see how the universe is working towards our wellbeing.

I have to admit that if you are not used to viewing things in this manner, this will take some time for you to believe and feel. However long it takes, give it time but start now believing that everything happens in your favor. You will see how little by little your life will transform in a beautiful way. I challenge you to start viewing how everything happens in your favor.

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