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Does the Goods Justify the Arrogance?

I’ve written about many topics when it comes to well-being. I had an interesting conversation last week that left me thinking about this very question “Does the goods justify the arrogance?”. Where did this conversation come from? It came from the fact that someone mentioned that a specific person had the right to be arrogant because that person had the goods to back it up. I couldn’t disagree more and as you keep reading, you will understand how this affects your well-being.

One thing I must say is that there is nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due. If a person acquires a particular skill that can be hard to master, good for them. If a person has a specific talent, good for them. If a person has several degrees, good for them. If a person is physically gorgeous, good for them. However, no amount of “goods” ever justifies being arrogant. For the sake of this post, when I refer to “goods”, this means any skill, any talent, any attribute that for many are very appealing.

How does this tie with well-being? For starters, we are wired to be connected with others. We are wired to feel love and give love. There is no way to connect with others through arrogance. There is no way you are giving love through that stance. Also, on the contrary to what many may think, arrogance is not a sign of self-esteem or of confidence, it’s actually the opposite. It is a sign of weakness, of insecurity. The truly secure person has no need to think they are better than others. The truly secure person has no need to look nor treat others as inferior. Everyone has their own talents and beauties and those are to be embraced, not thought of as inferior because they may not be as “great” as someone else’s. Arrogance is disconnection. Arrogance divides. Well-being is connection, it is togetherness. It is great to form connections with others from a point of you appreciating what they have and know even if it’s different from what you have and know.

There is no advantage to being arrogant. It just shows that you feel inferior, not superior and it is a sign of weakness. No goods justify the arrogance no matter what that good is. In the end, what you do with that arrogance is you distance pearls away from you.

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