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Do You Enjoy Your Work? Loving or Liking Your Job Is Part of Your Overall Wellbeing

Since we spend most of our time at work, loving or at least liking our job is very important. It’s torture to spend most of our time doing things that are not meaningful to us or that we just don’t care to do.

How can we deal with doing a job that we don’t like doing? I think first and foremost, it’s important to understand what your skills are, what you enjoy doing and just your overall personality. This will help you determine before you go looking for a job what kind of job would be suitable for you. If, for example, you can’t stand being behind a computer all day, then don’t apply for a secretary job. Understanding what your skills are, what you like and your personality will help you avoid applying for jobs that you will end up not liking.

Once you figure out what kinds of jobs are more suitable for you, do some research to find out more about that kind of position. Just because the title of the job that you find suitable seems appealing, doesn’t mean you would necessarily like the job. You may learn something that perhaps you didn’t know about the job that may surprise you. Figure out what the job entails.  Find out what are the pros and cons. If possible, try to speak with people who do the job that you intend to apply for and ask them questions. Also, read some books about that particular job.  Once you find out the cons of the job, ask yourself questions that would question if you can handle the “not so good” side of the job.

If you don’t have a choice at the moment and have to do whatever job is available, then do the job that you can while still looking for the job that you feel would make you happy. Appreciate the job that you currently have because there is still so much that you can learn from it. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you can’t grow from it. Your perspective of your current job can change the way you feel about the job. When we view the current job that we have as unbearable, boring, intolerable, it’s going to feel just like that, intolerable. Your body will also feel the effects too.

You can’t have a balanced life if only at home you feel good or if everything else is good but your work life is not good. Of course, nobody’s life is perfect and it can be a challenge at times to have a balance in every area of our life. However, because we spend so much time at work, it is important to enjoy the job we do. When we hate our jobs, that spills over to other areas of our life too, it’s just that we don’t really realize it at first. It affects our mental health, our physical health, and our emotional health as well.  When things are really not good at work, it can even affect our social side of our life, i.e. our interactions with our immediate family or with whom we live with at home. Its’ important to have balance in life and so it is also important to recognize the role that work plays in our life. The decision of what type of work you will be doing is, I think, just as important as the decision of who you choose for a mate. In both situations, you spend so much time and energy so why not make sure that you place your energy where you will flourish in every way possible? Only you truly have control over your life and wellbeing.

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