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Believe In Your Inner Reality

I feel so compelled to write about this in today’s blog because I am believing more and more that there are two kinds of realities in life- the outer reality and the inner reality. The conversations that I have had in these past days have been so enlightening for me and has proved to me that indeed there are two realities in life and that if we want to grow in well-being, we NEED to believe in our own inner reality and indeed ignore the outer reality.

We are indeed tempted to believe in our outer reality. We are tempted to believe that there is bad out there, that we can’t trust anyone, that love doesn’t exist anymore, that the older we get the more tired or sick we get. We are tempted to believe that the life we want, the house we want, the person that we want to be doesn’t exist. I’m here to tell you that all this are lies. Lies to hurt us. Lies to keep us down. Lies to shrink us. Lies to keep us from growing into all that we are capable and meant to be.

The moment we believe in these lies, the moment that we give into these lies is when those lies become a reality. Part of life is disappointments. Part of life is rejection. Part of life is hurt and thank god for all this! Why thank god? You probably think I’m nuts for this but the reason why you want to be thankful for all this is because all these things will lead you to growth. It leads you to knowing and understanding what you don’t want that will eventually lead you to the things that you do want.

Your inner reality is the one with the most power. It is the one that whether you realize or not, it dictates the actions that you take. How so? Whatever you think, you will subconsciously behave in ways that matches that what you think. Whatever you feel, you will subconsciously be lead to take actions that matches what you feel. Notice that when you feel sad, you feel like doing nothing, you feel like eating junk food, you most likely will have conversations that make you feel more down. All these things will just feed the emotion that you already feel, making it more intense and imprinting in your brain the reality that sadness is your reality. Notice that when you feel good, you start doing things that make you feel good. You feel like eating healthy. You naturally feel more energized which makes you radiate unto the eyes of others. All this with something as simple as feeling good. That’s how powerful our emotions are.

If you have the courage to believe in your inner reality, you will see that you already are and have all the things that you want. The reason why it isn’t a reality yet is because you may have some resistance to it and you don’t fully believe in the things you want. I have to admit, the biggest challenge is believing in your inner reality when the outer reality doesn’t seem to match. Regardless, it is CRUCIAL that you ignore your outer reality. Your current outer reality is a reflection of who you were in the past. You are experiencing the residual of your past. So your present is your past. I never fully understood this until I am now fully understanding its meaning.

Believe that you are that person that you know in your heart that you are. Believe you are a healthy person. Believe you have that house that you want. Believe you have that marriage that you want. You have to believe and stay away from conversations that contradict that inner reality. Stay away from people who have a negative undertone energy. Stay away from those who don’t believe in your dreams. Stay away from thoughts that make you sad. For the sake of this blog post, I will discuss in the next blog post how can you start to believe in your inner reality when your outer reality shows its opposite.

In the meantime, I would like to encourage you to believe. Start listening to music that uplifts you. Do things that make you feel good. Be around loving people. Know that you are love and that you are loved. Let’s start with that first and then on the next blog post, I can discuss how to believe in your inner reality. If you first start by feeling good, you will grow in well-being tremendously.

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