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Your Frustration IS Your Liberation:

Make This Feeling Work For You

Your Frustration is Your Liberation.jpg

Frustration is one of those feelings that can make us feel so uncomfortable with ourselves and our life. So much so, that it can make us see things as gray and not much color in life.


And if you’re wondering if this is how life is meant to feel and be, let me tell you that the answer is NO.


But, if life is not meant to feel this way, then, why are there moments that we experience frustration?


Everything serves a purpose and so does frustration, and now it’s time that you make good use of this emotion.


This is where this course will be very helpful for you.


Listen, I get it! I was once where you are. And I wondered what was wrong with me and my life that I felt this way until after wasting so much of my precious time feeling frustrated, I FINALLY applied what it is that I am sharing with you in this course.


Trust me when I tell you that the frustration that you’re feeling is one of the keys to transforming your life.


I know it may not feel this way at the moment, but, once you apply all that you learn in this course, you will see how transformational it can be.


Just know that your frustration IS your liberation and it’s time that you make this feeling work for you.

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It’s time that you stop allowing your frustration to rule your life and get yourself back into the driver seat of your life!


If you wish to:

Get clear on what it is that your true essence REALLY wants and start taking action


Release the anxiousness, worry and frustration and learn to ease into it with grace


Have the confidence of not being shaken by any “negative” emotion


Shift your focus to one that will allow the answers of your true essence to flow with ease

Learn to master not just your emotions, but also yourself




Your Frustration IS Your Liberation consists of:


  • 3 Part Workbook & Affirmations PLUS Affirmation Cards

  • 28 Affirmation Cards (apart from the ones included in the workbook that you can cut out into cards)

  • Ease In to Your Frustration meditation audio

  • Your Gratitude Reminder Journal

  • 5 videos series that breaks down the course

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Video 1: Intro & Welcome

Video 2: Your Frustration IS Your Liberation video talk that I gave

Video 3: Part One: Releasing the Frustration

Video 4: Part Two: Handling the Frustration

Video 5: Part Three: The Message


Each video is between 13 and 48 minutes in length, so you are getting almost 3 hours of useful and practical strategies for you to use to your advantage not just the frustration, but any emotion that can seem toxic and you will have tools that you can utilize in your daily life.


The course is divided into three parts:


Part One: Releasing: This is where you will release all the frustration bottled up inside, helping you to release the tension within, while gaining clarity as to what is going on within you.


Part Two: Handling: This is where you will discover how you handle your frustration. This is extremely important because there are times that we are unaware of how we self-sabotage, resort to things that are not healthy for us and how we keep ourselves in this cycle of frustration.


Part Three: The Message: This is the part where you will learn what the frustration is trying to communicate to you. This is where you will learn what your next actions need to be in order to transform this emotion and your life.


Take control of your emotions- they are there to SERVE you, not destroy you. Allow it to serve you greatly so you can liberate yourself and start living life to the max.






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