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Living With Gratitude:

Master the Art of Goodness

Living with Gratitude 8.jpg

Imagine this scenario for a moment and keep sticking to the end, even if it may

seem airy fairy to you:

Imagine you are beaming- beaming with happiness and light- and people just seem to be drawn to you. Beautiful opportunities seem to be drawn to you. Heck, it seems like the Universe is also drawn to you because of all the goodness you get in life!


If you are wondering, “yeah, that just seems too airy fairy for me to even imagine”, let me clue you in on a secret that can allow you to be beaming with happiness and light to such a degree that you just can’t help but become a magnet for all that you want and that is gratitude.


Yes, that’s right! Gratitude! The key to living a life where it just seems effortless is living with gratitude. Now, there is a method to living this way that I want to share with you and once you grasp this, I’m telling you, your life will transform.


Living with gratitude has been one of those things that has been misunderstood for too long. We have been taught that when we feel gratitude, we will improve our life, feel good, feel more happiness and on and on the list of goodness. And all this is true! There is no doubt about this.


And isn’t it annoying to “feel gratitude” and not see the changes that gratitude is supposed to bring into your life?! I was so ANNOYED whenever I heard this because I would feel gratitude and not experience the effects of it in my own life. I was BEYOND annoyed!


I was beyond annoyed until I understood what living with gratitude is TRULY about.


There is great power in gratitude and all of us need to be living with gratitude because the truth is that the state of gratitude IS our natural state.

Let this be your state.jpg

I think there is no denying that the state of gratitude IS our natural state, the question is how can we actually live with gratitude. If you have secretly found yourself wondering if this is possible on a consistent basis, you’re not alone.


If living with gratitude has been like a puzzle for you that has been hard to put together, this course will help piece that puzzle together.


If you desire to:


Become a magnet for the very things that you want


Feel happy for no reason and I’m talking about genuine happiness (Not this fake happiness where you will just keep faking it ‘till you make it kind of thing)


Be full of joy on a daily basis


Gain control of your emotions so you no longer feel overwhelmed by them


Turn any bad situation into a blessing (Yes, gratitude has the capacity to do this for you!)


Be in control of you so the outer things don’t control you




I, too, was at a point in my life where I was “feeling gratitude” but didn’t get the changes that I was supposed to experience with gratitude and that’s because I didn’t know back then that gratitude is so much more than just a feeling. Many of us when we think of gratitude, we think of it as just a feeling and THAT’S part of the problem. Gratitude is SO MUCH MORE than just a feeling and that’s what you will learn in this course.


Living with Gratitude consists of:

  • 5 Part Workbook, Affirmations & Journal Prompts

  • 28 Affirmation Cards (you can cut out into cards)

  • Universal Love affirmation audio

  • Your Gratitude Reminder journal

  • 7 video series that break down the course

Living with Gratitude Course Website.jpg


Video 1: Intro & Welcome

Video 2: Part One: Think in Gratitude

Video 3: Part Two: Feel in Gratitude

Video 4: Part Three: Be in Gratitude

Video 5: Four: Do in Gratitude

Video 6: Part Five: Live in Gratitude


Each video is between 20 and 54 minutes in length, so you are getting over 4 hours of practical and valuable strategies, tools and coaching skills that will empower you so you can live with gratitude starting now on a daily basis.


This course is divided into five parts:

Part 1: Think in Gratitude: This is where you will learn how a person who lives with gratitude actually thinks and how you can know when you are not thinking in gratitude. This part is so important because your mind literally creates your world and this is where we start.


Part 2: Feel in Gratitude: This is the part where you will learn how to train yourself to feel the good emotions and how to use your “negative” emotions to your favor. You will learn to view these “negative” emotions differently, btw, because they are not negative after all.

Part 3: Be in Gratitude: If you are thinking and feeling in gratitude and you’re still not experiencing the magic of gratitude, that’s because there may be a disconnect in this part of living with gratitude. That’s right! This is the part where the magic starts and where you become a magnet for good.

Part 4: Do in Gratitude: If you are thinking, feeling and being in gratitude and nothing works, it’s because the doing is missing. Doing in gratitude is just as important. This is the part that actually opens you up to more goodness than you can possibly imagine. You can be in the being all you want but if you miss this part, you can quite experience fully the magic of gratitude.

Part 5: Live in Gratitude: This is the part where living with gratitude becomes a lifestyle. This is where you will create a container for this beautiful energy that you learned to generate so that all you have learned doesn’t get compromised with every day life because let’s be real, life sometimes gets in the way at times.

Living with gratitude is not just for those who are “lucky” or who “have a great life” or any of these things that we think which only distorts the truth.


Living with gratitude is meant for YOU too! It’s time to master the art of goodness. It’s YOUR time to master the art of goodness.



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