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Make This YOUR Time to Create Your Life By Design

Step Up to Level Up:

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You’re longing for more out of life. Guess what? Life is longing for you to receive more.


But you’re stuck in not knowing what that more is! How long are you going to remain like this?!


Every year you seem to have the same new year’s resolution that you never seem to make it come to fruition. Seriously, how long is this going to keep happening?!


If this is you, if you have been stuck in the lack of clarity, stuck in the same goals that seem to never come to fruition, stuck in what seems to be a lack of passion for life…. please don’t despair.


I know how it’s like to be stuck in lack of clarity. I was stuck there for years, as embarrassed as I am to admit that.


I know what it’s like to have the same ol’ goals, year after year, that never seem to become a reality. Let me tell you, this story gets very old after a while.


And it doesn’t matter what time of the year you are reading this, this is YOUR TIME to step up to level up.


Yeeeessss!!!!! That’s right!


When you seem to be stuck in life, not reaching your goals, not feeling that passion for life, it’s not because this is the way you are supposed to feel. It’s not that the great life is only for the few selected people. It’s not because there is something wrong with you.


I want to invite you to allow this last paragraph to sink in for a minute. This is some truth here!


It’s time for you to do things differently because wanting to do the same thing and expecting a different result is just insane.


If you are ready to do things differently so that you can get a different result, then this course will come in very handy for you.


If you desire to:


Release the anxiety of not knowing what the next step is

Turn the frustration into fuel so that the motivation is coming from within


Gain absolute clarity about what you are meant to be doing in life


Stop the madness of going in circles in life


Step into your full power because of the level of confidence you gain in yourself


Have your own roadmap as to the next steps to take in your life




It’s special because there is one thing that will be different in this course and that is that you will have accountability to make sure you get the clarity that you need. That accountability is moi. That’s right!


Let me share with you what you get when you sign up for this course:

  • 4 Part workbook & Affirmations PLUS Affirmation Cards

  • Your Gratitude Reminder journal

  • Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Start Having the Life You Deserve ebook

  • Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Your Personal Coach to the Different Areas of Your Life journal (downloadable version)

  • 2 45-minute sessions with me

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Video 1: Intro & Welcome

Video 2: Week 1: Clarity on Your True Desires

Video 3: Week 2: Clarity on Your Challenges

Video 4: Week 3: Clarity on Your Motivations

Video 5: Week 4: Clarity on Your Next Steps

Video 6: Extra Video: New Year, New You: Reveal the Desires of Your Heart & Live By Them training


The course is divided into four weeks:


Week One: Clarity on Your True Desires: This is the week for you to learn to be in tune with yourself. You will learn how you can do this, how to get yourself to a state where you can tap into the deepest part of you that knows all the truth of your desires and you will be guided as to your heart’s desires.


Week Two: Clarity on Your Challenges: The reason why many times we don’t manifest our deepest desires is because there are challenges along the way that we either don’t anticipate, deal with nor address. In this week, you will get really serious and honest with yourself as to what are the things that can possibly get in the way of the very things you want, bring those to your awareness, understand why these are challenges and find a way to bust through these challenges so that they no longer stand in the way between you and your dreams.


Week Three: Clarity on Your Motivation: This is the week where you will dive deep within you to understand your true motivations behind those true desires of yours. This is extremely important because this will bring forth your why and it is your why that will fuel you in the direction of your desires when the going gets tough.


Week Four: Clarity on Your Next Steps: After you have been super transparent with yourself as to your heart’s desires, you have worked through your challenges that can get in the way of the person you want to be, and you fully understand your motivations behind everything you desire, it’s time to formulate the plan. This is where you will get super clear as to what each of your steps will be so that you can make sure your true desires manifest this year.


There is a reason why there is a week dedicated to each part of this course. You will be clearing out a lot of things that you didn’t know were getting in the way of the life you truly want. You will be digging deep within you to get to the core of who you are.


The name of the game is CLARITY. You will be receiving clarity from your own true essence which is your soul. Many times, we get so distracted, we let things get in the way, along with many other things because the main piece that is missing is clarity.


And this clarity can’t come from anywhere else other than yourself. A big mistake we sometimes make is wanting to do something the way someone else is doing it or wanting what someone else has because we think it will bring us the happiness we so seek.


But what about YOUR true happiness?! What about what YOUR true essence really seeks?!


It’s time to bust through the things that keep you playing small in life and start crushing this year in the way that only your true essence can.


It’s time to get real with yourself and get to the truth of who you really are and your intentions for this year.


This is a whole new different way of doing goals that goes beyond just making a list and hoping that these things come true. This is about you truly stepping up so you can level up.


So, are you up for the challenge? It’s time to Step Up to Level Up!


Sign up NOW for:


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