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Your Job IS Important

Many times we may feel like the job that we do is not important perhaps because we just clean bathrooms, perhaps it’s a job as a cashier, etc. Whatever it is that you do, even if you view it as being insignificant, know that your job indeed IS important. You don’t have to be a doctor, a lawyer or have a Ph.D. or a Masters degree for your job to matter. Every role that you play is important because what you do does impact other people, no matter how small that role may be.

I find that when we start seeing how important our job is because of the impact we have on others, we not only perform our jobs better, we also see ourselves in a different light. We see ourselves in a more positive way. We no longer take what we do for granted. We no longer allow how others view us or treat us affect us. We no longer let the job that we have define us. Your job may reflect what you know or probably not but when you realize how important your job is, you will feel a sense of pride that others who come in contact with you will perceive. This, in return, will make people respect you because think about it. When you see someone who is in a grouchy mood while performing their job, it’s not very appealing to watch, isn’t it? Yet, it’s very attractive to see someone who enjoys what they do.

When we perceive that what we do doesn’t have any importance whatsoever, this affects our performance at work, it affects our self-concept and self-esteem (two different things that I will explain on another post), we tend to take work problems home, and overall it just affects our well-being. I do believe in the power of our perception and in reality, what we do affects others. If, for example, you work in a nursing home, the care you give to others has an impact on the patient’s health, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. As a nurse you have the power to make someone’s day,especially when feeling physically and emotionally vulnerable because anyone who is sick and goes to the doctor feels vulnerable too. If you are a gate agent, you may just be handing seat assignments, you may think, but you are doing much more. You are also part of the passenger’s travel experience. You can be a customer at a store, you don’t know what the person next to you is going through in their life and your attitude can brighten their day or you can just add more frustration to their day. All this means is that we all matter.

Now, if you truly dislike your job, you truly can’t stand it and feel it’s affecting your well-being, I suggest that you listen to how you are feeling and start looking for your ideal job. But don’t let the fact that you may feel your job is insignificant make you feel like your job isn’t important because that’s so far from the truth. Every job matters. What you do matters and what you have to offer is important. Other people depend on what you do. You can make someone’s day with what you do.

I challenge you to view and believe that the job that you perform is important and I am one to say to not worry about what others may think. Because we spend so much time at work, the way we feel about our work is important and it does have an impact on our well-being. Never underestimate what you do!

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